Jack Kingston with the scarred cheek

Jack Kingston. Photobooth. Private Collection.

Jack Kingston. Photobooth. Private Collection.

This one must have hurt! But instead of taking away, a scar sometimes adds to the charm. Mr. Kingston has this twinkle in his eyes, and the looks of a crooner. Sing a song and watch them swoon!

Jack Kingston. Taken in Salina, Kansas. Jan. 11- 1939

4 responses to “Jack Kingston with the scarred cheek

  • Photobooth Journal

    Photobooth pics being my no. 1 photographic passion, I find this extremely interesting as I have never noticed a prominent scar on any of the sitters in any of the thousands of booth pics I’ve seen. Well spotted! Great find!

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    • bowlersandhighcollars

      Thanks! I don’t ever see people with facial scars on pictures, period! You think they’d be more common.

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      • Photobooth Journal

        Yeah, you would! Maybe there was too much shame for people to want their photo taken. People were made to feel like it was their fault if they had some small disfigurement in previous times. Not sure things have changed so much. Now we can fix the ‘issue’ with cosmetic surgery, maybe people who can’t afford to fix things are made to feel just as bad.


      • bowlersandhighcollars

        When people with disabilities had no choice but to end up at circuses as ‘freaks’ it’s not hard to imagine people with facial ‘defects’ hid from the world and would not want their picture taken. Perceptions have changed, but there is still stigma, you’re right.

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