About Me

meYour dedicated blogger is named Caroline Ryan. I currently live in New Orleans with my husband, dog and cat.

I have a love of all things Victorian, Edwardian and generally anything to do historically with Americana until the late 1940s.

This past year I’ve done research for a historical novel set in the Bowery of New York from 1890 to 1905. My little pet project is advancing, albeit slowly.

I also love to draw and paint, although lately I have put aside both to focus on my writing, except I do some simple illustrations like the one below about my characters (except for this one you won’t find them online since I want them in my book!).

I’m a huge fan of J.C Leyendecker, Charles Dana Gibson and Norman Rockwell, and this greatly influences the photographs I choose to collect.

I also love the menswear, hats and shoes of those eras, and I wish some fashion staples would make a come back to the mainstream.ce-ryen-art-medicinal

My wonderful husband gracefully handles my collecting ways. He could collect pinups, but he’s more into baseball cards..!

So, enjoy the eye candy and contact me if you share some interests, or would just like to say hi!

C.E. Ryan