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“Guess Who?”


c. 1930-40 photo portrait. 3.25″ x 4″. Private Collection.

Someone wrote “Guess who?” on the back.

“Is this..? Oh my God, it is!” I imagine the recipient said when they first gazed at the portrait, and then a small smile formed in response to the genuine one on display.

This young man posed in his zipped up leather aviator jacket with a plaid scarf around the neck and dotted tie. His smile is endearing, with the hand tinted cheeks. Some say he bears a striking resemblance to Matt Damon. I can see it, do you?

A tiny remnant of our friendship


1″ x 2.5″ photo strip. Private Collection.

Those tiny photo strips feel so fragile in hand. One wonders how they survived a hundred years without being destroyed. I love these two. Obviously they were quite close. Yet we don’t know their names or a shred of their lives.

Studio portrait of 1920s teen in a white cap

Teen in white cap. Private Collection.

Teen in white cap. Private Collection.

This handsome boy is wearing the classic dapper look of the period with a striped tie and white wool cap. He looks mixed too, perhaps with some Asian, or Native American. He reminds me a lot of my brother when he was his age.

The line 1378 streetcar driver

I find old photo strips so endearing and humorous. On the first one this streetcar driver is holding a bamboo stick in a big hat with a neck scarf like a cowboy or farmer. Then you get a plain, serious front portrait of him. On the third he’s holding what I believe may be a pack of cigarettes. On the fourth he’s playing with a candlestick telephone, and on the fifth he’s checking the time on his pocket watch.

This strip reminds me of another one I have of this American gentleman from the same period, he’s also playing with a similar phone.

He smiles while the forest fire rages on

Photobooth. Handsome army soldier. Private Collection.

Photobooth. Smiling U.S. army soldier in “forest fire”. Private Collection.

Don’t sit like this and smile! Run!

Seriously…this backdrop looks ominous.

And seriously too, what an adorable smile on this handsome U.S. army soldier!



It’s one of those days when I post and post! I found out who was behind the Chicago jazz band I posted back in May too. Very exciting!

1930’s Mr. Beautiful in three-quarter

1930's photobooth. Private Collection.

1930’s photobooth of handsome young man. Private Collection.

In a white dress shirt, he’s posing in three-quarter. I love the simplicity of this shot with a plain background and a plain shirt too. The subject’s beauty is the star of this photobooth.

An early photo strip

Private Collection.

Private Collection.

A cute photo strip circa I’d say 1905-1910, of a curly haired gent having fun playing with the concept. The shots are oval which I find interesting. This one measures 1″ 1/4 by 4″.

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