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WWI U.S Army Private Harold H. Richmond

Harold H. Richmond. WWI U.S. soldier. Private Collection.

Harold H. Richmond. WWI U.S. soldier. Private Collection.

I love finding vintage photos in formats less commonly found. This picture is 3″ x 8″, tucked in a folder with flaps. This young man is IDed on the back as Harold H. Richmond. A note below the name in the same handwriting says World War.



On this picture private Harold is in his early twenties, standing straight and proud in his uniform. He was born in 1892 in Connecticut and he’s of the lucky ones who survived the Great War; his name isn’t listed on the lists of casualties from either New York or Connecticut, and he appears on a census from 1940.

He married a lady named Marian and did well for himself owning two listed residences; one in Winchester N.Y and another in Fairfield Connecticut.

Another Richmond from Waterbury (CT) did die during the war. He was a private with the first name of Arthur D. Was he related to Harold?


Photographer: H. Tarr. 1397 Broadway. N.Y.

The Pink Smooch

1930s French postcard. Private Collection.

1930s French postcard. Private Collection.

This beautiful woman has the Vivien Leigh looks and style. The uniformed man is posing like he’s going to kiss her cheek, and there is something like a white flower branch hanging above their heads. By all accounts a very pretty romance postcard.

Soldier and Sweetheart

Soldier and Sweetheart. Snapshot. Private Collection.

Soldier and Sweetheart. Snapshot. Private Collection.

Leaning into his beautiful girlfriend this soldier had a reason to smile. They match, don’t they? Her glossy brunette hair matches his, and below that tightly pleated and floor length skirt her shoes match his boots too. She’s also seated with crossed legs like him.

My guess is this was an American couple from the 1920’s.

He smiles while the forest fire rages on

Photobooth. Handsome army soldier. Private Collection.

Photobooth. Smiling U.S. army soldier in “forest fire”. Private Collection.

Don’t sit like this and smile! Run!

Seriously…this backdrop looks ominous.

And seriously too, what an adorable smile on this handsome U.S. army soldier!



It’s one of those days when I post and post! I found out who was behind the Chicago jazz band I posted back in May too. Very exciting!

Soldier with rifle

1940s soldier with rifle. Snapshot. Private Collection.

Soldier with rifle. Snapshot. Private Collection.

I’m not sure what country this soldier was from. I think he’s from the 70’s (off another picture I’ve seen of another with the same uniform), but I liked the pose and expression enough to get it.

The seller is based in Russia. This was most likely a soldier of one of the bordering countries. He’s smoking a cigarette with his rifle on the lap, bag to the side.

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