The same couple on two postcards

'Honey won't you love me like you used to.

‘Honey won’t you love me like you used to.” postcard. Private Collection.

Same woman, same (lovely) hairdo, different dress:

'Swinging was never like this'. Postcard. Private Collection.

Swinging was never like this. Postcard. Private Collection.

I’ve been collecting these postcards from the same series. I want to say they’re from the late 1910s. Two others, here (with the same hammock but different woman) and here with the same man.


3 responses to “The same couple on two postcards

  • summertime75

    The dress looks a little later although the man’s collar could well be late 1910’s either wal they are a lovely set of cards, I particulary like the edging which is very simimar to some maid cards I recently posted. I find it’s often difficult to judge the date of a card with the cross over between the UK and America, but that’s what makes collecting more interesting

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