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The same couple on two postcards

'Honey won't you love me like you used to.

‘Honey won’t you love me like you used to.” postcard. Private Collection.

Same woman, same (lovely) hairdo, different dress:

'Swinging was never like this'. Postcard. Private Collection.

Swinging was never like this. Postcard. Private Collection.

I’ve been collecting these postcards from the same series. I want to say they’re from the late 1910s. Two others, here (with the same hammock but different woman) and here with the same man.

Amour, amour!


Amour, amour! Noyer #2759. Private Collection.


The kiss which brings together
Our souls is the sublime
Union – My lips quiver
Of a sweet feeling


Extase – series of 3

'Extase' French postcard. Private Collection.

‘Extase’ French postcard. Private Collection.

Another series of sexy French postcards with a beautiful kissing couple. This series has red borders with added glitter.

Publisher: P.F. Paris.

Creative Commons License

The Orange Kiss

Douno postcard. Private Collection.

Douno postcard. Private Collection.

A postcard published by Douno ‘Edition Photochrom’. To me the color makes it look like they were kissing on a warm and sunny early evening, right before dusk. A beautiful postcard added to the other tinted ones of the same genre I fell in love with.

The Motion Picture Kiss – series of 5

1920s romance postcard. Private Collection.

1920s romance postcard. Private Collection.

I spent quite some time restoring this amazing and rare Italian series of romantic postcards. The originals have all kinds of white speckles that are not too bothersome to the naked eye, but scanned…heh! The postcards also have a pin hole on the left of each card at the same spot, as if they were all stacked and pinned on a wall to take down when the mood strikes. I can see a soldier doing this on the wall of his bunk bed, but that’s my fertile imagination talking. :)

I call this gorgeous series The Motion Picture Kiss because all 5 postcards back to back look like a kiss in motion of the man making his way to the woman’s lips.

Publisher: Casa Editrice – Ballerini e Fratini. Firenze (Florence). Italy. This publishing house was established in 1912.

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