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Passion in Rust


1920s P.C Paris postcard #1511. Private Collection.

Like the Blue Kiss, the postcard company decided to publish this one in a way that wouldn’t present the models on top of each other when they obviously are, except this time the man is below the woman. She’s wearing patterned robes reminiscent of East Asia, and he pajamas. A sexy postcard enhanced by the choice of tint.

I have a tamer one with these two I’ll be posting soon. On it she wears different robes and he the same pajama shirt.

Extase – series of 3

'Extase' French postcard. Private Collection.

‘Extase’ French postcard. Private Collection.

Another series of sexy French postcards with a beautiful kissing couple. This series has red borders with added glitter.

Publisher: P.F. Paris.

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The Motion Picture Kiss – series of 5

1920s romance postcard. Private Collection.

1920s romance postcard. Private Collection.

I spent quite some time restoring this amazing and rare Italian series of romantic postcards. The originals have all kinds of white speckles that are not too bothersome to the naked eye, but scanned…heh! The postcards also have a pin hole on the left of each card at the same spot, as if they were all stacked and pinned on a wall to take down when the mood strikes. I can see a soldier doing this on the wall of his bunk bed, but that’s my fertile imagination talking. :)

I call this gorgeous series The Motion Picture Kiss because all 5 postcards back to back look like a kiss in motion of the man making his way to the woman’s lips.

Publisher: Casa Editrice – Ballerini e Fratini. Firenze (Florence). Italy. This publishing house was established in 1912.

Biederer’s Adam and Eve

Biederer nude couple in field. Private Collection.

Biederer couple in field. Private Collection.

Oh look, I’m posting unclothed people from the 20s or 30s.

This is another postcard by one of the Biederers or both, this time an outdoor shot of a nude woman in the arms of her semi-clothed man. This couple is quite beautiful and I did not censor the postcard. It looks like it was published as it is. I wonder if there is an uncensored version that was also out.

I love the pose, and while this was daring for the time it still could pass for art (and it is).

The Purple Kiss

1920s Postcard. Private Collection.

1920s Postcard. Private Collection.

Another tinted French postcard of a beautiful couple kissing. Can’t get enough of these! He’s got a well placed hand too, doesn’t he?

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