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Edward, Prince of Wales, on a Montreal street. Or is it?


Edward, Prince of Wales photomontage. RPPC. Private Collection.

When I got this photo postcard I was excited about two things; it combines early 20’s men’s fashion with a beautiful street view of Montreal. I had no idea who the man was, although he looked vaguely familiar.

But when I posted it here, Kate of the Photobooth Journal, mentioned his uncanny resemblance to King Edward VIII…Well, yes, it happens to be a photo of King Edward VIII! At least from when he was Prince of Wales, and…it is a photomontage!

The Prince of Wales did spend a few years in Canada in the early 20’s, but he did not pose for this street candid!

Here’s the original of the Prince on a boat. I was shocked, and then I laughed. I got duped by an early 1920’s “photoshop”! They even changed his cane’s position! Still a beautiful, expertly done photograph. I’m impressed.







You can also see the sign for the Allen Theater, once at 698 St. Catherine West (now a less grand Five Guys burger joint). The Allen was bought and renamed The Palace in 1922. St. Catherine West was a hub of movie-going and nighttime entertainment.

Restored image © Caroline E. Ryan

RPPC: AZO squares 1926-1940s. (Data from, but this shows AZO squares were available in 1923)

Oscar Jainer

Decar Jainer with Newspaper. RPPC. Private Collection.

Oscar Jainer with Newspaper. RPPC. Private Collection.

Oscar posed with a rolled newspaper in hand, sitting on a backless chair and small foot stool (?) to prop him higher. The back has a note left by a girl named Jewel. “Daddy, hurry and come and see me for I am lonesome. Jewel.”

What a sad note…

This RPPC is *beat up* but had potential. I’m quite happy with how it came out. It was cut and framed which left residue on top of the picture itself. It also has some ink and other various stains.This is the original, untouched:

Untouched RPPC.

Untouched RPPC.

Photographer: Vinock’s Studio. Beaumont. Texas. AZO 1904-1918.

Joe Lucas playing pizzicato on his violin

Joe Lucas playing pizzicato. RPPC. Private Collection.

Joe Lucas playing pizzicato. RPPC. Private Collection.

A beautiful picture worth bringing back to life. I posted this one long ago on tumblr but acquired it since, so this is the newly scanned and restored version with the original below.

Here’s an amusing thought: to me Joe looks not like a young Marlon Brando, but like a young version of the Godfather played by Marlon.


RPPC: AZO 1904-1918

The Eavesdropping Two

Cabinet card. Private Collection.

1890s-1900s Cabinet card. Private Collection.

More ladies than gents on this beautiful cabinet card of what looks like three sisters and their brother with the light bowler. They’re posing in a fun and unusual way.

That or actors? I cleaned up and enhanced this one. The lady in front moved some and is a bit blurry, but ever-so-slightly.

The front and back are blank on white card stock.

Cabinet card.

Cabinet card.

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Digital restoration work titled The Eavesdropping Two by Caroline C. Ryan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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