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Edward, Prince of Wales, on a Montreal street. Or is it?


Edward, Prince of Wales photomontage. RPPC. Private Collection.

When I got this photo postcard I was excited about two things; it combines early 20’s men’s fashion with a beautiful street view of Montreal. I had no idea who the man was, although he looked vaguely familiar.

But when I posted it here, Kate of the Photobooth Journal, mentioned his uncanny resemblance to King Edward VIII…Well, yes, it happens to be a photo of King Edward VIII! At least from when he was Prince of Wales, and…it is a photomontage!

The Prince of Wales did spend a few years in Canada in the early 20’s, but he did not pose for this street candid!

Here’s the original of the Prince on a boat. I was shocked, and then I laughed. I got duped by an early 1920’s “photoshop”! They even changed his cane’s position! Still a beautiful, expertly done photograph. I’m impressed.



Source: kingedwardviii.tumblr.com




You can also see the sign for the Allen Theater, once at 698 St. Catherine West (now a less grand Five Guys burger joint). The Allen was bought and renamed The Palace in 1922. St. Catherine West was a hub of movie-going and nighttime entertainment.

Restored image © Caroline E. Ryan

RPPC: AZO squares 1926-1940s. (Data from Playle.com, but this shows AZO squares were available in 1923)

The 1910s Canadian worker smiling in cap and overalls

Handsome smiling Canadian worker. RPPC. Private Collection.

A smiling Canadian worker. RPPC. Private Collection.

Hm…give me a hammer. I need to make some holes in the wall for this guy to come by. Then I can lounge with a piña colada and watch him work. Ha ha! Seriously, what a cutie smiling in his white work overalls with the turtle neck, cap and rubber boots. A painter perhaps, or a plaster worker?

RPPC: AZO 1904-1918. The RPPC is ‘Made in Canada’ and the dealer is from Nova Scotia. I assume this gent was from the area.

A Group of Friends from Novia Scotia


A very interesting cabinet card of seven friends posing together. A good example of the men’s fashion of the 1880s.

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