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I’ll give you one more chance!

Boss and worker RPPC.

Boss and worker RPPC.

This scene looks like a boss berating his young worker, pointing a warning (and inked stained) finger at him. Yet, since this is staged the well dressed chap doesn’t look too mad, unless this is him hiring him and telling him ‘don’t disappoint me!’.

I was outbid on this one, pity! :)

The 1910s Canadian worker smiling in cap and overalls

Handsome smiling Canadian worker. RPPC. Private Collection.

A smiling Canadian worker. RPPC. Private Collection.

Hm…give me a hammer. I need to make some holes in the wall for this guy to come by. Then I can lounge with a piña colada and watch him work. Ha ha! Seriously, what a cutie smiling in his white work overalls with the turtle neck, cap and rubber boots. A painter perhaps, or a plaster worker?

RPPC: AZO 1904-1918. The RPPC is ‘Made in Canada’ and the dealer is from Nova Scotia. I assume this gent was from the area.

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