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The same couple on two postcards

'Honey won't you love me like you used to.

‘Honey won’t you love me like you used to.” postcard. Private Collection.

Same woman, same (lovely) hairdo, different dress:

'Swinging was never like this'. Postcard. Private Collection.

Swinging was never like this. Postcard. Private Collection.

I’ve been collecting these postcards from the same series. I want to say they’re from the late 1910s. Two others, here (with the same hammock but different woman) and here with the same man.

Misled Love


PC Paris #2886. Postcard. Private Collection.

Love which serenades your heart
Is it sincere? Is it misled?

A pink tinted French PC Paris postcard with a warning!

On the Omnibus of 1904 Paris

"This is getting to be a serious affair". 1904 postcard. Private Collection.

“This is probably going to get serious”. 1904 postcard. Private Collection.

I would call this series How to Discreetly Show Interest in a Gentleman on the Omnibus.

The cute series starts out quite innocently…and ends with the sure promise of a second meeting. I am missing #5 of the 6 postcards though. I wish I had it! But the story is quite simple, really, and the person who sent these postcards could not resist putting words into the gentleman’s head!

So I added what she’s thinking before the translated comments.

Both models were sitting on chairs, with the design of the omnibus line added later. The third has a misspelling too! But the line did exist, and if you’re curious to see what omnibus these two would have been on, here’s an image of the Madeleine-Bastille line omnibus of the era:



Jack and May Brown

Edwardian Jack and May Brown. Detail of RPPC. Private Collection.

Beautiful May appears confident. By contrast, Jack is a bit uncomfortable. He looks very young too. I imagine them to have had a lively and spirited relationship. What do you think, were these two a couple or brother and sister? The way they’re facing each other I think they were a couple, and May was a few years older than her husband, that or her body language and expression made her look like the more mature one of the two (which isn’t hard to do. Right, ladies? :-).

The backdrop is folksy with the little painted house in between them and the high snowy mountain peaks. By contrast, the foreground has a tropical feel to it with what looks like an orange tree and palms. I wonder where these two were…California?

This picture is dated March 28, 1909.

RPPC. Private Collection.


RPPC: CYKO 1904-1920s

Amour, amour!


Amour, amour! Noyer #2759. Private Collection.


The kiss which brings together
Our souls is the sublime
Union – My lips quiver
Of a sweet feeling


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