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Here’s to the girls of the American Shore

Here's to the girls of the american shore

1909 postcard. Private Collection. Click for larger image.

Well, if there ever was a better excuse to drink..! This gent was colorized with red hair too. Is he supposed to represent an Irish immigrant? Aw, sure look it!

The photo of this gent (with, again, an attitude-lol-) was taken by Theodor Eismann, New York. The postcard was copyrighted in 1909 and sent the following March.

I’ve decided to take a picture of it instead of a scan, the golden tones come out better.

In fact, I ordered this card last July 1915, but the seller had misplaced it. I had completely given up on it but was very surprised to find out Marilyn of Etsy’s VintagenutsInc decided to send it to me at no cost when she found it again last month. So very nice of her!


Jack and May Brown

Edwardian Jack and May Brown. Detail of RPPC. Private Collection.

Beautiful May appears confident. By contrast, Jack is a bit uncomfortable. He looks very young too. I imagine them to have had a lively and spirited relationship. What do you think, were these two a couple or brother and sister? The way they’re facing each other I think they were a couple, and May was a few years older than her husband, that or her body language and expression made her look like the more mature one of the two (which isn’t hard to do. Right, ladies? :-).

The backdrop is folksy with the little painted house in between them and the high snowy mountain peaks. By contrast, the foreground has a tropical feel to it with what looks like an orange tree and palms. I wonder where these two were…California?

This picture is dated March 28, 1909.

RPPC. Private Collection.


RPPC: CYKO 1904-1920s

‘Pooch’ and pals were feeling *fine*

RPPC. Private Collection.

Taken February 5th, 1909 in Grand Junction, CO. RPPC. Private Collection.

This is one of my favorite RPPCs. Look at this grown-up man holding a teddy bear in his arm with the unlit cigar in mouth. And then the note on the back; his friend “Pooch” admitting he and his pals felt fine when they had this taken.

I think the note on the front says: We are looking for the Big Cap. Nothing to[sic] good for the Juish ([sic] Jewish. The one holding the teddy bear is my guess. Bad speller!).

I think the ‘Big Cap’ is the Liberty Cap in Grand Junction, CO. It wasn’t going to feel too good for his pal getting a bit too merry before the impending hike. Oh, the adventure!

The happy fellow on the left even positioned the teddy bear’s head and arm to wave at the camera!

Click for larger image

RPPC info: AZO 1907-1914

It’s been done before on this tintype!

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