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‘Pooch’ and pals were feeling *fine*

RPPC. Private Collection.

Taken February 5th, 1909 in Grand Junction, CO. RPPC. Private Collection.

This is one of my favorite RPPCs. Look at this grown-up man holding a teddy bear in his arm with the unlit cigar in mouth. And then the note on the back; his friend “Pooch” admitting he and his pals felt fine when they had this taken.

I think the note on the front says: We are looking for the Big Cap. Nothing to[sic] good for the Juish ([sic] Jewish. The one holding the teddy bear is my guess. Bad speller!).

I think the ‘Big Cap’ is the Liberty Cap in Grand Junction, CO. It wasn’t going to feel too good for his pal getting a bit too merry before the impending hike. Oh, the adventure!

The happy fellow on the left even positioned the teddy bear’s head and arm to wave at the camera!

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RPPC info: AZO 1907-1914

It’s been done before on this tintype!

Wild Party with photographer Dana B. Merrill

Dana B. Merrill and his young rowdy subjects. Personal Collection

Dana B. Merrill among young, rowdy subjects. Circa 1910. Private Collection


Back. Click on the picture for larger format

Dana B. Merrill was a noted American photographer whose prints are still on sale today. I researched him based on the name and the N.H. in pencil I figured is New Hampshire.

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