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Homburg clad post Civil War teen


CDV. 1860’s Young man wearing a homburg hat. Private Collection.

A sitter of the 1860’s posing with his hat on, and not with it on the table or knee. This looks like a short homburg. I don’t normally associate the 1860’s with this hat, so I like to have an early example of the period. He’s also wearing a ring on the pinky, and there’s a pineapple motif on the tablecloth. The photographer (and the sitter) didn’t care too much about the backdrop. The way it’s propped to the side is like it was put there as an afterthought.

By the type of lines framing this CDV, the picture was most likely taken between 1864 and 1869. There is no name or photographer info on the back.

It was all dull and boring until…


click for larger image.

Combine inspiration from my little debacle with the Prince of Wales’ photomontage, a boring Saturday, and this is what you get.

Our Victorian gent on this CDV had too good of an expression to leave him be, so a jackdaw flew in and perched on his head. His face brightened. I think he likes it. ;)~

Here’s the original vs. the retouched:

And well, if you’d like to see this gent retouched but without the bird, here he is:


Staring at the viewer and a hint of a smile make a huge difference. Click for larger image.



Original front and back. 1870s-80s CDV. Private Collection.

Photographer: Carl Anderson (a British expat photographer?). Wenden. Russia.



Confidently Yours


Circa 1870-80. CDV. Private Collection.

This unidentified young man posing in front of a plain backdrop comes off as comfortable in his skin. And the tilted hat adds flair to the otherwise nice but generic suit.

Alas the back is plain with no photographer info. I hope the kid did well for himself, he sure looks like he had the self assurance.

This handsome soldier


CDV. Private Collection.

Well, this gentleman certainly was easy on the eyes! This post Civil War CDV is unfortunately without a name or date. Pity, because this soldier surely made a few hearts aflutter! I hope he was able to return home to his awaiting love for he most likely had one, along with a few heartbroken ladies.

This bubble portrait carte de visite with the round corners is post 1870. His hair flattened close to the forehead is also very much of the decade and the next. Note the large round buttons on his coat, someone may be able to tell what unit he belonged to.

1870s gaunt teen from Valparaiso, IN

1870s teen. CDV. Private Collection.

1870s teen. CDV. Private Collection.

This teen has beautiful features yet he appears frail; he’s swimming in his collar. Was he recovering from an illness, or losing weight from sickness? If he were naturally this gaunt I think his collar would better fit him.

Photographer: G. Whipple. Valparaiso, Indiana.

1870s-80s Hannover Gentleman

Hannover CDV. Private Collection.

Hannover CDV. Private Collection.

A nice sepia three-quarter portrait of a handsome blonde man with the slicked back hair and pouty lips. His bowtie looks particularly elegant. It looks made of silk, and so do his coat and waistcoat.

The round edge card’s back is mint green with simple lettering, dating it to around the 1880s most likely. The wide lapels look 1870-ish to me.

F. Wunder Sohn. Hannover.

F. Wunder Sohn. Hannover.

Photographer: F. Wunder Sohn. Hannover, Schillerstrasse 24. Germany.

That American Banjo Player

Banjo player and friend. CDV. Private Collection.

Banjo player and friend. CDV. Private Collection.

This CDV is cut all around, and there is no photographer info. A shame but the seller is based in England and he did say he got this one locally. There is no way to know the exact provenance of this photograph, but chances are the banjo player was an American musician visiting England. Notice his mismatched suit – very New World. Maybe he was posing with his British friend who would not dress so casually!

They have boutonniere flowers on the lapels. This was taken at a formal event sometime in the 1890s or 1900s, maybe at a wedding.

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