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Homburg clad post Civil War teen


CDV. 1860’s Young man wearing a homburg hat. Private Collection.

A sitter of the 1860’s posing with his hat on, and not with it on the table or knee. This looks like a short homburg. I don’t normally associate the 1860’s with this hat, so I like to have an early example of the period. He’s also wearing a ring on the pinky, and there’s a pineapple motif on the tablecloth. The photographer (and the sitter) didn’t care too much about the backdrop. The way it’s propped to the side is like it was put there as an afterthought.

By the type of lines framing this CDV, the picture was most likely taken between 1864 and 1869. There is no name or photographer info on the back.

Slick’s five friends were cool kids

Slick's Friends. RPPC. Private Collection.

1910s-20s Slick’s Friends. RPPC. Private Collection.

Who was ‘Slick’? He had some photogenic friends. The two with the hat tucked behind the ears look like brothers, maybe even twins. The one on the left was quite relaxed while the one on the right was a bit like “hmm ok, I guess it’s going to come out like it’s supposed to come out…”. They all posed outdoors on a log bench in front of a wall of vines, leaving us with a slice of everyday fashion from the era, and wondering what they were really like.

RPPC: CYKO 1904-1920s

Mr. Alpha and company

Two canes, three hats, a mustache and a whole lot of attitude. Tintype. Private Collection.

These three 1880s gentlemen by a balustrade are all very well-dressed, the one to the right with the creased pants, the other to the left with a tight-fitting striped pair. All are wearing Windsor ties typical of the decade.

The men look like they were business partners. The confident attitude of the man to the left makes him look like a ruthless go-getter. Roar!

Looking at the girls

1920s-1930s Snapshot. Private Collection.

1920s-1930s Snapshot. Private Collection.

Two buddies by the side of a path having fun looking at pictures of girls on a magazine…classic!

A broody Edwardian

RPPC. Private Collection.

Detail of vignette RPPC. Private Collection.

In an effort to look serious this pretty one in a nailhead patterned suit came out a bit broody under the tilted hat! Still a cutie!

This RPPC vignette is on the left half of the card, leaving enough space for messages to the right.

RPPC: PMO. Photo taken between 1907-1915

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