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Mr. I Look Quite All right in a Fedora

Cabinet photo. Private Collection.

Cabinet photo. Private Collection.

This stylish 1930s-40s gentleman with the piercing stare must have left a long trail of admirers in his path. And that is why he’s in my collection. He’d look good without the fedora on, but the hat adds that something extra.

My first star crush was Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. I’ve been appreciative of the hat ever since. ;)

Photographer: Benjamin. La Moure. North Dakota.

A broody Edwardian

RPPC. Private Collection.

Detail of vignette RPPC. Private Collection.

In an effort to look serious this pretty one in a nailhead patterned suit came out a bit broody under the tilted hat! Still a cutie!

This RPPC vignette is on the left half of the card, leaving enough space for messages to the right.

RPPC: PMO. Photo taken between 1907-1915

In depth: 1911 private Stephen Moravyk and the Mexican Border War

Detail of RPPC. 1910 to early 1911. Personal Collection. (Clean up that stain, private!)

Detail of RPPC. 1911. Private Collection.

The pose is great and the young man is the poster boy for a recruitment advert.  So I set to research some more about him. If you want to find out how the process went, keep on reading.

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Hello, Handsome from Michigan!

RPPC. Personal collection

Circa 1910s-1920s. Private collection

Vignette RPPC of a young man from Petoskey Michigan. He’s wearing a tilted Gatsby cap highly popular in the twenties he lightly placed over his well combed hair. He’s also wearing a raised round stud on his tie. Once again, no name. What a shame. With that cute smile he must have been popular with the ladies!

The whole RPPC after the cut.

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