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Cap and Bowtie


1920s-30s studio portrait. Private Collection.

This picture is photobooth size, and what a lovely portrait of this gentleman with the cap. This charming fella looks to be Italian too, and a blue collar for certain. He comes off  as the friendly, hard working father of a fast growing family. :)

Photographer: Stamped on back – THE LITTLE PICTURE SHOP (how cute of a name is that??) 80 Kansas Avenue. Topeka – Kansas.

Studio portrait of 1920s teen in a white cap

Teen in white cap. Private Collection.

Teen in white cap. Private Collection.

This handsome boy is wearing the classic dapper look of the period with a striped tie and white wool cap. He looks mixed too, perhaps with some Asian, or Native American. He reminds me a lot of my brother when he was his age.

You’ll get yours, cheat!

Oh, the violence! You wonder if those two teens saw beer bottle fights with their own eyes to stage this one (the answer is probably yes). I love the details like the cards tucked into the trousers’ cuffs on the second one, and the sign on the first. The teen on the left is giving the camera a knowing look as if saying “he thinks I didn’t see him…” He is casually dressed with his white tie over a long-sleeved polo, and he’s wearing white laced sneakers high school basketball players wore too.

RPPC: NOKO 1907-1920s

1911 Dean of Northfield, MN

1911 Dean in cap. RPPC. Private Collection.

1911 Dean in cap. RPPC. Private Collection.

I posted this one on tumblr a while ago but I decided to get it, so here it is for this blog.  Dean is posing with a leg up for this snapshot. He sent this picture on October 11, 1911 from Northfield Minnesota. His note is below. I especially like the past part. Is Old Fred a dog?


A 1920s smiling young man and his harnessed dog

A boy and his Pitbull dog. Snapshot. Private Collection.

A smiling young man and his Pitbull dog. Snapshot. Private Collection.

A mean looking harness this Pit is sporting! But the dog looks like it’s smiling as big as its proud owner!

My husband says it’s not a real Pit. I replied that some breeds from a century ago are not the exact same ones you see today. Traits have become exaggerated through controlled breeding. This may have been a part Pit, not an expert, but that’s something to think about.

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