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1910s Mankato fraternity brothers

Mankato. RPPC. Private Collection.

1910s Fraternity brothers. Mankato. RPPC. Private Collection.

Well dressed handsome fraternity brothers proudly displaying their banner. Big boy in the middle has a ribbon on his coat.

Ever wondered why some suits still have a buttonhole on the left lapel? There you have it. This piece of jewelry has gone by the wayside but boutonnieres are still widely used on special occasions.

RPPC: AZO 1904-1918. Mankato, Minnesota.

Axel in the Bowler Hat


Axel F. Hall of Minneapolis. Private Collection.

Handsome Axel F. Hall chose to have one glove on, the other off for the picture. His collar is extremely high. He reminds me of the bowler hatted gentleman often portrayed by the painter Magritte.

Axel was born in 1871 in Sweden. He immigrated to the United States and settled in Minneapolis where he married a Swiss lady named Anna M. Hall who was 12 years his junior. With her he had three children, Fred W. Hall in 1906, Mabel A. Hall in 1909 and Edgar E. Hall in 1910. On the 1910 census Axel was living with his wife, children and a ‘boarder’, Minnie Christen, 15. Minnie was related to his wife (her sister maybe) with both parents born in Switzerland but herself born in Minnesota. At the time Minneapolis’ population was about 23% foreign born.

On the 1940 census, Axel was 70 and still living with his wife. His children had moved out but his mother-in-law lived with them. Anna B. Christen was 13 years his senior.

Axel F. Hall. Cabinet card. Private Collection.

Axel F. Hall. Cabinet card. Private Collection.

Photographer: A. H. Opsahl. Minneapolis. MN.

1911 Dean of Northfield, MN

1911 Dean in cap. RPPC. Private Collection.

1911 Dean in cap. RPPC. Private Collection.

I posted this one on tumblr a while ago but I decided to get it, so here it is for this blog.  Dean is posing with a leg up for this snapshot. He sent this picture on October 11, 1911 from Northfield Minnesota. His note is below. I especially like the past part. Is Old Fred a dog?


A boy’s exciting day at the photographer’s studio

Cabinet photo. Private Collection.

“I’d rather be doing something else”. Cabinet photo.Circa 1900.  Private Collection.

First, look at this little cutie of a sister! Isn’t she just adorable smiling in her white dress and oversized bow in her hair? She’s standing on a chair to be at her older brother’s height, and he seems so thrilled to have his picture taken.

Click for larger image.

Click for larger image.

Photographer: E.F. Buchan. Worthington, Minn.

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