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A summer day in the countryside


Enjoying a summer day on a log rocking chair. Private Collection.

This gentleman has an easy air of sophistication, dressed in all white with a neat bowtie and open book on his lap. He looks as if he’s escaped the city for a bit of downtime and fresh air. This real photo postcard portrait was taken in the 1920’s.

Here’s a closer look at him.


Cap and Bowtie


1920s-30s studio portrait. Private Collection.

This picture is photobooth size, and what a lovely portrait of this gentleman with the cap. This charming fella looks to be Italian too, and a blue collar for certain. He comes off  as the friendly, hard working father of a fast growing family. :)

Photographer: Stamped on back – THE LITTLE PICTURE SHOP (how cute of a name is that??) 80 Kansas Avenue. Topeka – Kansas.

Tom and George Robinson in straw boaters

Tom & George Robinson. RPPC. Private Collection.

Tom & George Robinson. RPPC. Private Collection.

These two brothers or cousins are IDed on the back. Tom on the left looks neutral enough, but George has this ‘piss off!’ look on his face.

I would love to find more formal portraits from the 1910s with the sitters wearing their straw boater hats but, weirdly enough, I don’t come across many. Here these two match with their hats on with different band designs and colored bowties. Nice shirts too, especially George’s with the pleats. I love the look, but somebody needed to tell him to cool off a bit. :)

RPPC: Artura 1910-1924

Mr. Cocky

Cabinet photo circa 1900. Private Collection.

Cabinet photo circa 1900. Private Collection.

Maybe it’s just my impression but this good looking gent has a bit of a conceited expression. Maybe he was just trying to look regal. :) There’s no photographer info and no name. The actual cabinet photo is in terrible shape, but Photoshop helped give this otherwise forgotten gentleman’s portrait new life again.

Up Close

Snapshot. Private Collection.

1910s-20s snapshot. Private Collection.

This young man looks quite happy in his straw boater and bowtie. Isn’t his big smile infectious? This photograph is postcard size but a bit narrower. An early candid taken outdoors in the sunlight, perhaps a ‘selfie’? :) Of the period there aren’t too many informal pictures of people taken so close to the face.

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