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Warning: two future heartbreakers in the making!


3 x 5 inches snapshot.

When I saw these two, my heart melted. They are so, so cute! I want to assume they were brothers from the late forties or early fifties. The oldest is amazingly beautiful, and his brother is so charming and cute a bit slumped over, and looking as if a bit shy. My mind wandered, what if these two were model children?

What’s funny is on the very same day I got the picture, someone on my tumblr posted this one:

Same kiddos?

So, what do you think?

Same kiddos?  If they are the same set that would be highly coincidental, but not if their parents knew how cute they were and coached them to pose professionally. Who knows, but I’d like to find out if the ones I have ever did commercial work (gut feeling tells me they did).

Harold and Woods Ballies


RPPC of Harold and Woods Ballies, c.1910. Private Collection.

These two look effortlessly elegant. Harold and Woods posed in their stiff collars and loose suits for a formal portrait. Hopefully they did their mama proud!

RPPC: AZO 1904-1918.

Tom and George Robinson in straw boaters

Tom & George Robinson. RPPC. Private Collection.

Tom & George Robinson. RPPC. Private Collection.

These two brothers or cousins are IDed on the back. Tom on the left looks neutral enough, but George has this ‘piss off!’ look on his face.

I would love to find more formal portraits from the 1910s with the sitters wearing their straw boater hats but, weirdly enough, I don’t come across many. Here these two match with their hats on with different band designs and colored bowties. Nice shirts too, especially George’s with the pleats. I love the look, but somebody needed to tell him to cool off a bit. :)

RPPC: Artura 1910-1924

This one’s just for us

The drinking duo. RPPC. Private Collection.

This 1910s-1920s drinking duo. RPPC. Private Collection.

There is closeness between these two. The worker on the right still has the cap on his beer, and his expression…He looks tired or buzzed or both, but still he seems self aware and smiling in that ‘you know it’ sort of way.  The other one is in a suit, chugging the (whiskey?) bottle hard and holding a pipe with a free hand…There is a ‘devil may care’ attitude with this handsome duo, a subtle vibe of rebelliousness!

I also love the way the gent on the right is wearing his checkered cap sideways on his head, very street mutt. ;) He must have been a factory or farm worker still wearing his denim shirt and pants after a long day of work.

The back of this RPPC is full of scribbled names, some paired up. I cannot make sense of it. Some names are repeated twice. An Agnes Worter is mentioned as well as a Ruffus Worter and a Winslow. On the actual picture I edited out a B on top of each sitter’s head – brothers? They most definitely were, in blood or not!


RPPC: NOKO 1907-1920s

1880s three brothers and their other

Three brothers and their other. Tintype. Private Collection.

1880s three brothers and their other. Tintype. Private Collection.

These three brothers look very close in age, a pair of twins in the mix maybe? Maybe the two in straw boaters to the right. Note the chap to the front left who I think is the third brother, he’s wearing some nice looped buttons on his shirt, a short double tie and a light bowler. The whole look makes him look very ‘western sheriff’. The fourth man looks related too, same ears, same nose but of a darker complexion with different eyes. Maybe he was a cousin…or half brother. Ha! :)

No waistcoats on all four…Too hot for summertime.

Larger detail.

Larger detail.

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