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Warning: two future heartbreakers in the making!


3 x 5 inches snapshot.

When I saw these two, my heart melted. They are so, so cute! I want to assume they were brothers from the late forties or early fifties. The oldest is amazingly beautiful, and his brother is so charming and cute a bit slumped over, and looking as if a bit shy. My mind wandered, what if these two were model children?

What’s funny is on the very same day I got the picture, someone on my tumblr posted this one:

Same kiddos?

So, what do you think?

Same kiddos?  If they are the same set that would be highly coincidental, but not if their parents knew how cute they were and coached them to pose professionally. Who knows, but I’d like to find out if the ones I have ever did commercial work (gut feeling tells me they did).

This cap has a few stories to tell


Sailor close-up portrait snapshot. 1940’s. Private collection.

Another photogenic sailor, with the handy comb in the breast pocket -you know he had just used for this shot- and a cap atop his blonde head that has definitely seen better days!

Although it may seem that way, I don’t specifically look to collect sailors. But this is a nice close-up, ladies and gentlemen.

Coffee is what he really needs

Cramming for the finals. Snapshot. Private Collection.

Late night studying. Snapshot. Private Collection.

A candid of what I imagine is a university student taking notes from an open binder. The photographer seems to have caught him with a look of slight panic on his face.

The window’s open to a nighttime sky; cramming for some exam and not seeing the end of the tunnel yet? This picture reminds me of the student at desk from 3 to 4 decades earlier in 1912. It’s interesting to see what has changed.

The late 1940s smiling photographer in fedora

Snapshot. Private Collection.

2″ 1/2 x 3″ 1/5 snapshot of 1940s man in fedora with camera. Private Collection.

Fedora, check, smile, check, camera, check. A nice candid taken at a low angle in the sun. I think this was taken in the late 40s or early 50s. The camera he’s holding looks like a variant of the Kodak Tourist I or II which first came out in the late 40s. I’m pretty sure this is a Kodak by the style of flap to the side. Agfas were similar but the flap opened from the bottom. Those would set you back about $750 in today’s money.

This man’s well dressed yet casual with the polo collar over the coat lapels.

Photobooth in a white hat

Photobooth picture of man in white hat.

Photobooth picture of man in white hat. Private Collection.

A cute Photobooth snapshot of a bright eyed guy (with that twinkle again lol) leaning forward and smiling under his heavily tilted white hat. I think this picture was taken in the 40s or 50s just because of his open shirt.

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