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Far from Home


2.5″ x 4″ snapshot of sailor in profile. 1940’s. Private Collection.

A small candid photograph of an American sailor in profile, with local children in the background. Chances are this was taken in the North African region between 1940 and 1943, Libya maybe…

So the photographer asked him to pose for the picture, and his reply was to lean toward the camera and present his profile with the hand of a thinking man. It worked out perfectly! While I find the subject beautiful, the composition is as well. It feels professional even if an amateur took it.

Trio by the river


Snapshot. Private Collection.

A trio of buddies posing together in the sun by a river, with two in long coats, the third in an Oxford suit.

I’d date this 2.5 x 4.5″ snapshot to be from the 30’s or the early to mid 40’s.

This 1940’s U.S. Army Technician


1940’s U.S. army technician. Snapshot. Private Collection.

This American soldier posed all smile by a hill, some time in the 40’s but before 1948. During WW2 or after is unknown. Nothing written on the back either, but with the landscape and the sun on his back I think this candid came out pretty good!


Me, Babe and Elliot


“Me, Babe and Elliot.” Oct 11, 1947. Camp Drake. Tokyo.

This is one of those where the message is half the photograph. Got me laughing some!

Me, Babe and T-5 Elliot.

Place, our club.

Time, ?

and after, ???

Boy, what a night. HA HA.


Elliot and his buddies were of the 1st Cavalry Division and he was a Technician, a rank discontinued in 1948 but with the equivalent today of Specialist.

And it looks like “Babe” earned his nickname when he lied about his age on his recruitment form!



Your WW2 era American sailor next door

American Sailor Headshot. Private Collection.

American Sailor Headshot. Private Collection.

On a 2.5″ x 3.5″ headshot. He’d just graduated from basics by the ribbon on his chest. He has a serious expression, looking tough as if to prove his worth to his brothers and family. What bugs me is how his picture got to me. It hasn’t been more than what…seventy years since it was taken? I must be getting old since I think it wasn’t that long ago.

But my point is it already got lost from his family members, and that’s a shame. And then it makes you wonder, did he survive at all?

Thank you for your service, sailor. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten.


Overexposed in 53

1953 snapshot. Private Collection.

1953 snapshot. Private Collection.

The photographer most probably didn’t intend to overexpose his or her subject, but the high contrast along with the low angle works. This young man looks to be standing in front of a store awning. But what is “Waco Owl”? The back is stamped with the year.

Up Close II

Up close in checkered cap. Snapshot. Private Collection.

Up close in checkered cap. Snapshot. Private Collection.

I just received this one in the mail. He looks like he’s got a trick or two up his sleeve! When I first saw it I was happy to have another amateur close-up from the late 10s or 20s. It must have been his favorite cap to wear too. It looks like it was due for a wash!

And then I realized it came from the same seller I got another up close portrait from last June, but only recently posted (seen below). The format is similar although the first had its edges trimmed. One difference is that it’s much more sepia toned than the second one. Now, how did that happen? They both do have album glue residue on the back.

But they are positioned to the left, and at the same distance to the ‘shoreline’, the sun hitting them from high above. I think these two were playing with the same camera! Here’s them side by side:



The more I look at them the more I see some facial features they seem to share…Were they related? Well, this fine duo wished to record themselves up close on a beautiful day, and aren’t we glad they did! Their personalities shine through.

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