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Trio by the river


Snapshot. Private Collection.

A trio of buddies posing together in the sun by a river, with two in long coats, the third in an Oxford suit.

I’d date this 2.5 x 4.5″ snapshot to be from the 30’s or the early to mid 40’s.

All cozy and bundled up for winter

Bundled up on a tintype. Private Collection.

Bundled up on a tintype. Private Collection.

An affectionate trio posing all bundled up with their overcoats, a knitted fringed scarf and a blanket. Brr! The two in front with their pork pie hat on look like they may have been brothers, the older one with the mustache. I like that the third pal in cap is resting his hands on the other two’s shoulders. There’s a good vibe out of this photograph.

(That scarf reminds me of Hogwarts ha ha)

This tintype is a 6th plate yet is taller than average. It measures 2.5″ by 4″.

Riding his horse on a winter day

Digitally enhanced RPPC. Private Collection.

Digitally enhanced RPPC. Private Collection.

The original is faded by time and has stains all over. I did see potential in it and I’m happy with the way this turned out. I must add I changed the height of his bowler and tweaked the shoulders of his coat.

In a bowler and warm overcoat, this gentleman is riding his mare in the winterish countryside. He’s all smile too, proudly posing with the animal. This picture was taken in the mid 1910s.

RPPC: AZO 1904-1918

Derivative work copyright © 2015 Caroline C. Ryan. All Rights Reserved.

Gangster Swagger

1920s Betty & “Kurlie” in front of tavern. Private Collection.

The note on the back says Aunt Betty / ‘Kurlie’ Buair. 1920’s

“Kurlie” with the cigar and flashy smile under the homburg was dressed to the nines!

CLick for larger picture.

Click for larger picture.

The Free Lunch sign tells us these two were in front of (what used to be) a tavern. Since prohibition started January 16, 1920 this either was taken across the Canadian border or they were in the U.S, the sign is outdated and this is now a speakeasy!

Betty is simply dressed and seems a little nervous and camera shy checking out the street! By contrast “Kurlie” the peacock is all too eager to show off for the camera! Oh, and the spats! I’ll bet a whole American dollar this one was a character.

Three best pals

RPPC. Private Collection.

RPPC. Private Collection.

Three tight buddies in gloves, overcoats and American Boston shoes (sometimes called Bulldog shoes) which made their debut in 1910. I have nothing more to say about this one. This sweet photo speaks for itself, and of course I love the fashion!

Detail after the cut.

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