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The men of Camp Clansman (yes, it is exactly what you think it is…)

RPPC. Private Collection.

RPPC. Private Collection.

I love everything about this real photo postcard, such a lovely photo; the great composition, the dapper subjects, the details like the hats on the wire, the white polka dot tie…but then there is the sign on the door like an elephant in the room.  Camp Clansman? I’ll go ahead and strongly assume this is a photo of Ku Klux Klan members showing their faces too…

I wondered if I should post it as is, or go ahead and avoid the controversy by digitally erasing the door sign. This picture has been in my collection for many months and I finally decided to post it as is.

Why doctor the past to extract the good and hide the ugly? And as such…

This particular image is a Velox taken between 1907-1914.

Some facts about the second emerging of the KKK:

The KKK of the 1910s-1920s was the second incarnation of the group first emerged in the 1860s. While the Southern chapters still focused on racism against blacks, the Northern and Midwestern ones were fueled by the liberalisation of society, mounting integration and increasing tensions between established whites and Eastern European/Jew immigrants and southerners (black and white) moving into the cities and competing for jobs.

Members of the South were patriarchal staunch anti-Catholic protestants, but all -North or South- were prohibitionists. Violent incidents were frequent between bootleggers and KKK members. The movement reached its peak in the Twenties. Some estimates put the membership total at the time to about 8 million members. In Indiana alone 40% of men were members and the group elected a governor. The manufacturing city of Detroit counted an astonishing 40,000 members within the city limits.

Not surprisingly, the turnover was high when people realized they didn’t agree with the extreme views of the group, and by the end of the second decade the KKK lost most of its members, and consequently -and thankfully- its voting power.

The charm hanging off his pants pocket looks unsettling...a skull?

The charm hanging off this man’s pants pocket looks unsettling…a skull? 

Well dressed group.

(Click for larger image)

While some in my category of “Bad Boys” are jokingly there because they look the part, these men looked respectable, even upper class, and still they were motivated by hate…This is where the true danger is. For the boy’s sake I hope the gentlemen on the photo finally woke up and left the group too.

As a side note, I think these were men of one family. Many seem to share similar physical traits.

RPPC: VELOX diamonds 1907-1914

All cozy and bundled up for winter

Bundled up on a tintype. Private Collection.

Bundled up on a tintype. Private Collection.

An affectionate trio posing all bundled up with their overcoats, a knitted fringed scarf and a blanket. Brr! The two in front with their pork pie hat on look like they may have been brothers, the older one with the mustache. I like that the third pal in cap is resting his hands on the other two’s shoulders. There’s a good vibe out of this photograph.

(That scarf reminds me of Hogwarts ha ha)

This tintype is a 6th plate yet is taller than average. It measures 2.5″ by 4″.

I’m with Grouchy!

Gentlemen at the fair. RPPC. Private Collection.

Gentlemen at the fair. 1910s-1920s. RPPC. Private Collection.

This picture was part of a lot of RPPCs I got months ago. Sometimes I’ll buy a cheap lot just for a particular picture, but there’s always a few other ones in the midst I’ll like, like this one. The taller gent on the right is wearing a two button coat with matching trousers, and a square patterned tie. His buddy is wearing a flower on the lapel with a light striped pair of pants under his three button coat. This must have been taken during a summer drought; the grass looks brown and their shoes are dusty. I like the pose of the smiling gent on the left, it contrasts with the more serious attitude of his buddy who can’t wait for the picture to be over with. The hand on the hip thing…that’s how everybody’s grandpa used to pose! :)

Gentlemen at the fair. Larger detail.

Larger detail.

RPPC: SOLIO Diamonds. 1903-1920s

On a front porch

On a front porch. Snapshot. Private Collection.

On a front porch. Snapshot. Private Collection.

A sepia candid of an American gent sitting on a front porch in the sun. Simple and nice.

Teens with style

Teens with style. RPPC. Private Collection.

Teens with style. RPPC. Private Collection.

The young gentleman to the left is wearing a layered look with a cardigan between the waistcoat and coat. You’d think I’d encounter more images of gents wearing those this way, but I don’t. This photo was part of a lot of gents posing. At first sight they all look similar, but I always find something interesting in the details. His friend to the right looks like he survived the measles.

Enlarged detail.

Enlarged detail.

I accidentally posted this one instead of saving it as a draft. You get an extra post today.

RPPC: AZO 1907-1918

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