I’m with Grouchy!

Gentlemen at the fair. RPPC. Private Collection.

Gentlemen at the fair. 1910s-1920s. RPPC. Private Collection.

This picture was part of a lot of RPPCs I got months ago. Sometimes I’ll buy a cheap lot just for a particular picture, but there’s always a few other ones in the midst I’ll like, like this one. The taller gent on the right is wearing a two button coat with matching trousers, and a square patterned tie. His buddy is wearing a flower on the lapel with a light striped pair of pants under his three button coat. This must have been taken during a summer drought; the grass looks brown and their shoes are dusty. I like the pose of the smiling gent on the left, it contrasts with the more serious attitude of his buddy who can’t wait for the picture to be over with. The hand on the hip thing…that’s how everybody’s grandpa used to pose! :)

Gentlemen at the fair. Larger detail.

Larger detail.

RPPC: SOLIO Diamonds. 1903-1920s


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