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RPPC. Private Collection.

RPPC. Private Collection.

On the right is the oldest in robes (a priest?) with what I believe are his younger siblings and possibly cousins, all posing in front of an open French door with decorative plants in the background. They all look quite stern. This was the 1900’s and the era of the portable camera had just begun, but smiles were hard to loosen up on faces yet.

I haven’t posted in a significant way in years, and realized I have over 30 draft posts from my collection, images that at the time I was on the fence about sharing. Looking back I ask myself why was I so picky? However this website is here to stay.

The Smoking Club


Thomas Hofer Fulpmes cabinet card. Private Collection.

This turn of the century group of five teens, three smoking long porcelain pipes, seems to be enjoying a lazy day lounging around on the grass. Their homburgs and fedoras look more 1920s-30s, which I find perplexing. I’m not excluding the possibility this cabinet card is post period and from the 20s, even if their suits would look a bit dated in less rural areas.

This photo was taken by Thomas Hofer in Fulpmes, Austria. I googled a bit about Fulpmes and was taken aback by how gorgeous this mountain village is. Today it has just over 4,000 residents, mostly fueled by tourism. I imagine it was much smaller a century ago.

This is what these boys saw every day:


(only slightly jealous :-)

But to come back to the card…The picture takes the whole front, the photographer info on a back stamp. To me the grass appears brown and battered from the melted snow of long winter months. Was this taken in early spring?


6″ x 4.5″cabinet card


back of card stamp.

The photographer called himself an “amateur”. Perhaps he was only taking photographs for his own pleasure and did not own a business, or he was just starting out.

The Art Deco Cabinet Card

1930s cabinet card.

1920s-30s cabinet card of gentleman after the rain. Private Collection.

I love stumbling upon photographs like this. This cabinet card was made around a couple of decades after they ceased being produced. Perhaps it was a novelty photograph, or some photographers still offered them to whomever wished to have a “retro” portrait of themselves. There is no photographer info, unfortunately, but instead we have “cabinet portrait” surrounded by a gorgeous mirrored art deco design.

And the fact that this portrait was taken outside in a yard right after a rain. Those photographs always have a special glow to them.

Eight Ohio Edwardian gents lounging in nature

Gentlemen in nature with a tin of Bagdad tobacco. RPPC. Private Collection.

Gentlemen in nature with a tin of Bagdad tobacco. RPPC. Private Collection.

This gorgeous group picture is my very favorite in this collection of RPPCs.  What was in the water of that small town? I want to know. :)

These gents are surrounded by nature and a tree in full blossom, with a bouquet of white flowers to the front center. Removed hats, coats and shoes lay on the ground too. This RPPC was sent from Ada, Ohio on May 21, 1911 to a lady named Florence in Elmira, New York, and talks of a double wedding.


Hello Florence,

Glad to hear that you are coming to the double wedding. You’ll have to hurry though, if Foster keeps progressing as fast as at present maybe he’ll take warning and tie the knot [sic] before you get here. Harry.

Foster just couldn’t wait to get married, could he? (I think we all know what Harry meant by “progressing” ha ha). He,  Harry and the second groom-to-be are most likely on this picture. Who’s who though? Close ups:

Creative Commons License

Waiting for the job to get done

RPPC. Private Collection.

1910s worker with anvil and hammer. RPPC. Private Collection.

The gent to the right with his pipe in mouth is IDed as Ed Herndon, the handsome worker with the hammer and anvil is unfortunately not. His hands are darker, from the soothe of burning coal? Oh, ladies broke things on purpose with this one. ;)

Ed has a pose I find humorous because it makes him look so impatient. This was taken in the American countryside of the 1910s with an apple orchard in the back, or some field of other fruit trees.

RPPC: AZO 1904-1918

Creative Commons License

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