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On the Packard arcade studio car


Duo on prop Packard. Arcade studio RPPC. Click to enlarge. Private collection.

Another  studio arcade real photo postcard to add to this collection. Photographers sometimes used real cars, but since Packards cost a fortune, the next best thing would have been to have one painted! These two caught my eye with their similar pose and expression. The dotted tie with the tweed cap of the gent in front is a nice combo too.


Close-up. Click to enlarge.

RPPC: AZO triangles. 1904-1918

Photographer: Slater’s Interurban Post Card Studio. 430 Superior St. Toledo, Ohio.

Clear blues within a frame, within a frame -and a theory on those unbuttoned waistcoats of the Civil War era

Carte de visite. J.W. Gould. Ohio. Private Collection.

1860’s Carte de visite. J.W. Gould. Ohio. Private Collection.

A handsome sitter from the 1860’s with very light blue eyes!  Several points to make about this portrait:

I like that the picture was framed within the border lines of this carte de visite.

Also, the way he tied his neck ribbon is interesting.

And he chose to open his waistcoat with the top and bottom still buttoned, like many Civil War soldiers did on the pictures of the era…Was he a veteran in civilian suit? A good chance, the lines and corners of this CDV date this picture to be between 1864 and 1869. The next decade saw the rise of a civilian fashion trend where men wore their coat with the top buttoned but not the bottom.  The thought behind it was to show the waistcoat, but I have a theory on it. I think the trend emerged out of respect for soldiers whose uniforms were standard issued and were too small for their frame…For example, the trend of bushy beards became popular with mature Victorians when they wished to imitate the soldiers who fought the Crimean war. I believe people were looking up to those brave boys and adopted their style…so why not the way a coat or waistcoat is buttoned?

Photographer: J.W. Gould. Main Street. Carrollton, Ohio.

High Above Cleveland

High Above Cleveland. RPPC. Private Collection.

High Above Cleveland. RPPC. Private Collection.

I absolutely love this funny and interesting picture. The composition is great, showing a real view of Cleveland on the bottom half with the ‘plane’ on top. The loose wheel and the feigned expression of concentration on the gent holding it made me laugh. And the smiling one on the left getting into it, pointing down to the ‘city below’. Too much.

Only one sitter is IDed: Sam Hulting on the right. I found out a bit about him. He was born in 1894 in Sweden and was a first generation immigrant who settled in Gary Indiana. He married a lady named Amanda a year his junior, and in 1923 he would have an only child, a daughter he named Eleanor. This picture was taken in the 1910s when Sam was in his early twenties.

Photographer: Pinch’s Novelty Photo Postals. 226 Superior N. W., Cleveland. Ohio.

RPPC: AZO 1904-1918

Eight Ohio Edwardian gents lounging in nature

Gentlemen in nature with a tin of Bagdad tobacco. RPPC. Private Collection.

Gentlemen in nature with a tin of Bagdad tobacco. RPPC. Private Collection.

This gorgeous group picture is my very favorite in this collection of RPPCs.  What was in the water of that small town? I want to know. :)

These gents are surrounded by nature and a tree in full blossom, with a bouquet of white flowers to the front center. Removed hats, coats and shoes lay on the ground too. This RPPC was sent from Ada, Ohio on May 21, 1911 to a lady named Florence in Elmira, New York, and talks of a double wedding.


Hello Florence,

Glad to hear that you are coming to the double wedding. You’ll have to hurry though, if Foster keeps progressing as fast as at present maybe he’ll take warning and tie the knot [sic] before you get here. Harry.

Foster just couldn’t wait to get married, could he? (I think we all know what Harry meant by “progressing” ha ha). He,  Harry and the second groom-to-be are most likely on this picture. Who’s who though? Close ups:

Creative Commons License

A beautiful black couple from Ohio

African American couple. RPPC. Private Collection.

Circa 1915-1925 African American couple. RPPC. Private Collection.

This photo was taken in Cincinnati, Ohio around 1915-1925. The couple is nicely dressed, and the man is displaying a couple of pens in his breast pocket -ie- he was educated and wished to show it. He also has a nice cap on his knee -wish he’d put it on!
His wife is dressed in a white lace dress, resting her hand on his shoulder. A beautiful, airy photograph.

Pictures of African Americans of the days are rare, and even rarer are couples -from what I’ve seen (or rather NOT seen). I was happy to find this one at a reasonable price. This couple may have been of mixed origins too.

Photographer: Shea. 511 Walnut St. Cin. O.

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