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On the Packard arcade studio car


Duo on prop Packard. Arcade studio RPPC. Click to enlarge. Private collection.

Another  studio arcade real photo postcard to add to this collection. Photographers sometimes used real cars, but since Packards cost a fortune, the next best thing would have been to have one painted! These two caught my eye with their similar pose and expression. The dotted tie with the tweed cap of the gent in front is a nice combo too.


Close-up. Click to enlarge.

RPPC: AZO triangles. 1904-1918

Photographer: Slater’s Interurban Post Card Studio. 430 Superior St. Toledo, Ohio.

WWII era sailors Bill & Jim’s “After”

Bill Hall & Jim Pollen. RPPC. Private Collection.

Bill Hall & Jim Pollen. Tiajuana Jail RPPC. Private Collection.

World War II era sailors Bill and Jim and three bottles of liquor…what could go wrong? They don’t look too inebriated on this arcade picture taken in Tijuana, Mexico. Looks to me this was a “Before” picture they named “After”, as if we’re fooled. :)

Pretty boy Bill looks like he hit something hard with his right hand.

Detail close-up.

Detail close-up.

RPPC: EKC 1939-1950

There’s room for one more…

Studio car RPPC. Private Collection.

Studio car RPPC. Private Collection.

No painted backdrop here, just the car and a nice trio of friends.

RPPC: PMO 1907-1915

Bribing the copper at Cell 23

Humorous RPPC. Private Collection.

Bribing the copper. RPPC. Private Collection.

Ok, this arcade RPPC is one of my top favorites. Buddy #2 is in a cop costume -complete with the blackjack and cigarette in mouth-, he’s looking about, making sure no one’s watching him, accepting a bribe from jailbird Buddy #1. Too much!

RPPC: AZO 1904-1918

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