The Edwardian crossdresser with the large bow

RPPC. Private Collection.

Edwardian crossdresser couple. RPPC. Private Collection.

The sitting man looks serious yet the crossdresser isn’t afraid to smile. An interesting picture from the 1910s raising more questions than it answers.

RPPC: AZO 1904-1918


7 responses to “The Edwardian crossdresser with the large bow

  • Linda

    I totally agree: let everyone be who they want to be, that shouldn’t be hard but some people don’t get that unfortunately. I picked up the Bruce Jenner story up here and there on the internet, and I am happy that Caitlyn Jenner is who she wants to be, finally!

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    • bowlersandhighcollars

      You should see all the hateful comments I see on Facebook about her. It’s shameful. Sometimes I think people from a hundred years from now will think we were a bunch of hateful bigots. Well, let me narrow it down to us Americans in the South. We’re always the last ones to know what’s up. LOL

      Thankfully we’re not all like that around here. New Orleans is a haven.


      • Linda

        It’s sad really, isn’t it, such reactions, people can be so cruel for no reason at all! Sometimes I think: is this civilization? Mmm… then there’s still a lot of room for improvement :-).

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      • bowlersandhighcollars

        There’s always room for improvement and there will be for a long time. Thankfully we are of those who won’t make this decade look stupid by those who can’t accept we are all different.

        I think our differences enrich is. One of my mottos is make a friend who is unlike you. You’ll learn from him or her more than anyone you’ve known since childhood.


  • summertime75

    They look like brother and “sister” but I agree it is a nice picture.

    As for Caitlyn Jenner she’s lucky to have enough money to get what she wants, or some way towards her goal, I certainly don’t agree that she should be the recipient of the Arthur Ashe Courage award for that very reason; there are countless other people who don’t have that luxury and have to travel to far flung clinics to get the surgery they require and then it’s often of a poor standard. Yes she may be a symbol but there are other transgender people who deserve it more.

    The comments on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites are typical of the morons who think that the internet makes them judge, jury and social commentators but the comments pale into insignificance when compared with the “white trash” who suggest destroying mosques and exterminating Muslims, much like the Germans not that long ago, even an American Senator (i believe) suggested bombing Mecca.

    Despite legislation both in America and here in the UK to protect people with disabilities, mental health problems as well as other minority groups they are still victimised with little protection from the law.

    That’s it, rant over, Eid Mubarak to one and all for tomorrow :-D

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