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Hm…woman or not?

Woman or Victorian Crossdresser? Cabinet card. Private Collection.

Woman or Victorian Crossdresser? Cabinet card. Private Collection.

So once in a while I’ll spot a Victorian woman I find suspiciously looking like a man. Not a very flattering thought if indeed this woman in bustle dress was her own gender. She has some thick brows and a masculine jawline. The idea intrigues me.

I don’t see a crossdresser posing with family in this way either, and these don’t look related enough to be siblings…but maybe I’m wrong. Never say never…but this may not be her family either. The gent with the shaved head above her does look like her some. A possibility could be these are stage actors and the man is dressed as a woman for a role. A bit far fetched but…

To note the mustached gent standing up looks so very Victorian!

You be the judge.

You be the judge.

And look at her tousled hair (or wig). And the crazy looking hat…By the style of dress I’d say this was taken in the 1880’s.

Photographer: Beach. Bryan O.

The Edwardian crossdresser with the large bow

RPPC. Private Collection.

Edwardian crossdresser couple. RPPC. Private Collection.

The sitting man looks serious yet the crossdresser isn’t afraid to smile. An interesting picture from the 1910s raising more questions than it answers.

RPPC: AZO 1904-1918

New Orleans ‘brother Jo, sister Emilie and Louis’

RPPC. Private Collection.

RPPC. Private Collection.

A trio from my hometown! Louis is wearing a King Cake baby on the lapel of his coat and holding a music sheet, Emilie is cross-dressed in boy attire with her jaunty cap on. Jo is the cornetist…What an interesting trio, all IDed on the back of this RPPC.

Emilie has this soulful look in her eyes, and each one of them is wearing a different hat. Another photo which makes me smile. Can you hear the music?

RPPC: AZO 4 up triangles. Photo taken between 1907-1914.

Five buddies, four women’s hats and a stetson

5 buddies in women's hats. RPPC. Private Collection.

5 buddies in women’s hats. RPPC. Private Collection.

These funny five decided to pose in women’s hats sitting on the grass. All except one with the white stetson. Oh, the large bonnet hanging low on the one to the far left!

RPPC: VELOX triangles 1909-1914

Three hats and a sense of humor!

The funniest thing about this strip is how the teen kept somewhat of a straight face the whole time.  He had to be cracking up with his pal(s) between takes. What’s interesting too is the back is a normal RPPC.  The photo strip was basically homemade.

Private Collection.

Private Collection.

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