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This Swedish Trio

RPPC. c.1920. Private Collection.

RPPC. c.1920. Private Collection.

A beautiful Swedish photo studio portrait of three handsome friends taken anytime from the mid 10’s to the mid 20’s. All three are sporting different types of fedoras too. The one with his arms crossed has an attitude to go with the low brimmed hat. Attitude seems to be a theme of its own in this collection. :)

Photographer: (?)manda Sandberg. Sollefteå, Sweden.

1927 Joseph smoking a long pipe on a precarious bridge

1930s snapshot. Private Collection.

1927 Joseph Bertrand on bridge. Private Collection.

Rule #1: no matter where you are or on what, always look cool.

Joseph looks like he was on a trail bridge desperately in need of repair. Bet he checked the rail first before leaning against it. He’s wearing a panama hat and a suit with ‘plus fours’. The breeches extended 4 inches more below the knee than traditional knickerbockers, hence the name. They were very popular in the twenties as sportswear, especially for golf. Swing dancers adopted them in the 30s and 40s. He’s wearing plain white socks here but ‘plus fours’ popularized a slew of patterned socks like argyles.

This is a small picture, 2″ 1/4 x 3″ 1/4. The man is IDed on the back, the picture dated June 1927.

Catwalk on Main Street USA

RPPC. Private Collection.

1940s gentleman walking in a three-piece suit and fedora. RPPC. Private Collection.

A WWII era gentleman on Main St. U.S.A strutting his stuff hand in pocket, the other holding a cigarette. I love the white shoes to match the fedora, even though on this picture they’re blending into the sunlit ground.  The three-piece suit with the fitted waist and loose pants gave this man the very classic business-like and sharp look of the decade.

The store behind the man is Kress (S.H. Kress & Co.), a popular American “five and dime” department store chain which operated from 1896 to 1981.

RPPC: AGFA/ANSCO 1930s-1940s

New York City back of train trio with a Wilson whiskey bottle

New Yorkers and a Wilson whiskey bottle RPPC. Private Collection.

Holding Wilson whiskey bottle in New York City. RPPC. Private Collection.

My, oh my…How long did this bottle stay unopened? A New York minute.

Wilson Whiskey label

Wilson Whiskey label of the era


Back of RPPC

Photographer: High Grade Postal Studio. 134 East 14th Street. N.Y.C.

Backdrop Artist: N. Wortman Prop. First time I see the backdrop artist credited!

Ratted Out!

RPPC. Private Collection.

RPPC. Private Collection.

Back note.

Here is what your man is doing continually, better come home and take care of him. Confidential – A friend.

Somebody got in trouble with the wifey! BFF Miss E. decided against signing her full name for fear of repercussions. Rat!

RPPC: AZO squares 1926-1940s

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