New York City back of train trio with a Wilson whiskey bottle

New Yorkers and a Wilson whiskey bottle RPPC. Private Collection.

Holding Wilson whiskey bottle in New York City. RPPC. Private Collection.

My, oh my…How long did this bottle stay unopened? A New York minute.

Wilson Whiskey label

Wilson Whiskey label of the era


Back of RPPC

Photographer: High Grade Postal Studio. 134 East 14th Street. N.Y.C.

Backdrop Artist: N. Wortman Prop. First time I see the backdrop artist credited!

2 responses to “New York City back of train trio with a Wilson whiskey bottle

  • Photobooth Journal

    Gosh you have some beauties in your collection! Love old photos of people with bottles of booze in hand but would scowlingly disapprove if I saw a similar shot in a newspaper of today. My hypocrisy aside, I also love these wonderfully creative backdrops and scenery of studio photography of the past. This a a gem!

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  • bowlersandhighcollars

    I do love to collect gents with bottles and drinks in hand. I just find those pictures hilarious because not much has changed since then. I’m the one calling the hubby late at night to get back home when he’s hanging out with his friends LOL! Some things never change ;)


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