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1910s Vito Corleone

Robert de Niro as Vito Corleone digital real photo postcard by C.Ryan.

Robert de Niro as Vito Corleone digital real photo postcard by C.Ryan.

No, really. ;) Ok, so this isn’t really a vintage picture, but I was bored tonight and decided to play with Photoshop. Even though I only started collecting vintage pictures this year, I’m influenced by and always loved period films and books. And of course, Vito Corleone is one of my favorite characters! I had to do a real photo postcard of him, as portrayed by Robert de Niro. The background is a detail of a photograph taken of Pell Street, in the Chinatown of New York’s Lower East Side in the 1910s.

Brooklyn WWI era private signing document

RPPC. Private Collection.

RPPC. Private Collection.

A mystery as to what this private was handed and signed. Was the thick book a bible? A law book? This RPPC was glued to an album, effectively hiding the photographer info stamped on the back. All I can make out is the location of the studio in Brooklyn. I suspect the other two are related to him, his brothers?

Happy Veterans Day!

RPPC: AZO 1904-1918

WWI U.S Army Private Harold H. Richmond

Harold H. Richmond. WWI U.S. soldier. Private Collection.

Harold H. Richmond. WWI U.S. soldier. Private Collection.

I love finding vintage photos in formats less commonly found. This picture is 3″ x 8″, tucked in a folder with flaps. This young man is IDed on the back as Harold H. Richmond. A note below the name in the same handwriting says World War.



On this picture private Harold is in his early twenties, standing straight and proud in his uniform. He was born in 1892 in Connecticut and he’s of the lucky ones who survived the Great War; his name isn’t listed on the lists of casualties from either New York or Connecticut, and he appears on a census from 1940.

He married a lady named Marian and did well for himself owning two listed residences; one in Winchester N.Y and another in Fairfield Connecticut.

Another Richmond from Waterbury (CT) did die during the war. He was a private with the first name of Arthur D. Was he related to Harold?


Photographer: H. Tarr. 1397 Broadway. N.Y.

Mr. Handsome of Rochester N.Y

Rochester Victorian young man. Cabinet Card. Private Collection.

Rochester Victorian young man. Cabinet Card. Private Collection.

What was going on in his head when he decided to pose like this? His long front hair’s curled atop instead of slicked back like his contemporaries, not only that but his tie is going sideways too. Cuckoo bird! Did he try to be different? His hair reminds me of Mr. Burghy of the Civil War era. We’ll forgive him. He’s still a cutie!

Miller. Rochester N.Y. Handsome young man with curl. Cabinet Card. Private Collection.

Miller. Rochester N.Y. Handsome young man with curl.

Photographer: Miller. 146 State Street. Rochester. N.Y.

1890s William Maitland of Brooklyn

Cabinet photo detail. Private Collection.

Will Maitland. Cabinet photo detail. Kempf’s Photo-Art. Private Collection.

This is a large cabinet card measuring 4″ x 8″ with the picture taking the whole front. On the back this fine gentleman is IDed as Will Maitland. He looks proud with a hand on his hip. Larger pictures do make the fabrics and details stand out. Will is wearing what looks like a nice suit with two-toned buttons. His shoes don’t appear to be boots but have no laces either.

Photographer: Kempf’s Photo-Art – Gallery. 185 Myrtle Avenue. Artistic pictures of children a specialty.

Charles L. Kempf was a German born photographer who began operating a Brooklyn studio in at least the late 1870s, the studio was named after himself. He was listed in a Brooklyn business directory as early as 1874. A new business name, “Kempf’s Photographic Art Gallery” was established in the 1890′s and was in business until at least 1905. He is listed in some directories at 185 Myrtle Ave.; 627 Myrtle; and 177 Duffield, Brooklyn, NY (1888) (1889). Later under his business name at: Kempf’s Photo-Art Gallery, 185 Myrtle Ave. and 627 Myrtle Ave., Brooklyn, NY (1890s-1905).

Another card and more info on the photographer: The Cabinet Card Art Gallery

5th Ave. Evelyn and George Steele on Easter Sunday 1933

ACME press photo. Private Collection.

Easter Sunday 1933 Evelyn and George Steele on 5th Ave. ACME press photo. Private Collection.

A gorgeous 7″ by 9″ original press photo of a dashing New York Society couple dressed to the nines on 5th Avenue. Everything about this picture is breathtaking; the large orchids on her lapel, the gent’s crisp evening suit complete with top hat and white gloves, the (Ford?) car to the left, the gothic iron gates, and the smiles! They were head turners, some men in the background watching them strutting away (watching *her* strutting away). These two look as if they were laughing half embarrassed, half flattered a reporter chose to take their picture. It looks like it had rained too. A beautiful moment captured on a photograph.

The Steeles close-up.

The Steeles close-up.

The back talks of an annual Easter Sunday ‘promenade’ on 5th Avenue. People would dress up and parade on the street. What a sight this must have been!

Back of press photo.

Back of press photo.

New York City back of train trio with a Wilson whiskey bottle

New Yorkers and a Wilson whiskey bottle RPPC. Private Collection.

Holding Wilson whiskey bottle in New York City. RPPC. Private Collection.

My, oh my…How long did this bottle stay unopened? A New York minute.

Wilson Whiskey label

Wilson Whiskey label of the era


Back of RPPC

Photographer: High Grade Postal Studio. 134 East 14th Street. N.Y.C.

Backdrop Artist: N. Wortman Prop. First time I see the backdrop artist credited!

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