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This Swedish Trio

RPPC. c.1920. Private Collection.

RPPC. c.1920. Private Collection.

A beautiful Swedish photo studio portrait of three handsome friends taken anytime from the mid 10’s to the mid 20’s. All three are sporting different types of fedoras too. The one with his arms crossed has an attitude to go with the low brimmed hat. Attitude seems to be a theme of its own in this collection. :)

Photographer: (?)manda Sandberg. Sollefteå, Sweden.


1890s Swedish worker pals having a beer

Swedish workers. CDV. Private Collection.

Swedish workers. CDV. Private Collection.

Three Swedish working class young men holding a dark beer in their hand. The boy on the right looks a little stiff. They didn’t change for the photo, wearing their day to day clothes, shirts still dirty with well used shoes.


Photographer: Swante Hoeger. Stromstad. Sweden.

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