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The serving barkeep

Barkeep serving group. Tintype. Private Collection.

Barkeep serving group. Tintype circa 1880s-90s. Private Collection.

A tintype of a barkeep standing over a fur rug and re-enacting pouring ale to a group of gentlemen with a little boy looking on. The gent to the far right’s expression is funny. He looks disappointed as if saying “but there’s nothing in my glass…”

Studio photographs of fellows drinking together were very common. Because saloons were most always the main place for men to socialize and organize away from the house,they wished to remember their after-work get-togethers with a studio picture.

1890s Swedish worker pals having a beer

Swedish workers. CDV. Private Collection.

Swedish workers. CDV. Private Collection.

Three Swedish working class young men holding a dark beer in their hand. The boy on the right looks a little stiff. They didn’t change for the photo, wearing their day to day clothes, shirts still dirty with well used shoes.


Photographer: Swante Hoeger. Stromstad. Sweden.

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