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Why not a silk butterfly tie?

RPPC. Private Collection.

Teen with butterfly tie. RPPC. Private Collection.

Here this young man wore a silk tie with butterflies under what appears to be an opal or moonstone tie stack. Also the shirt has a nice front pleat below the low rounded collar. Sometimes I wish I could see these pictures in color. I bet the tie was a nice pop to the overall look.

RPPC: AZO 1904-1918.


Close up

Catwalk on Main Street USA

RPPC. Private Collection.

1940s gentleman walking in a three-piece suit and fedora. RPPC. Private Collection.

A WWII era gentleman on Main St. U.S.A strutting his stuff hand in pocket, the other holding a cigarette. I love the white shoes to match the fedora, even though on this picture they’re blending into the sunlit ground.  The three-piece suit with the fitted waist and loose pants gave this man the very classic business-like and sharp look of the decade.

The store behind the man is Kress (S.H. Kress & Co.), a popular American “five and dime” department store chain which operated from 1896 to 1981.

RPPC: AGFA/ANSCO 1930s-1940s

Turn of the Century French couple Mr. and Mrs. Georges

RPPC. Private Collection.

Edwardian French couple. Dagoreau RPPC. Private Collection.

A gorgeous couple mailing from Charente, France. Bertha is sporting the “Gibson look” so in vogue at the time with the extra small waist and pinned hair in a loose bun. Her husband is classically dapper in the matching starched frock suit with the creased pants and high collar. The photographer logo is embossed on the bottom right.

Postcards were mailed so quickly they were the equivalent of today’s text messages.

We're coming home tomorrow Tuesday. To cherished friendship. Best wishes from Charentes. Bertha Georges

We’re coming home tomorrow Tuesday. To cherished friendship. Best wishes from Charentes.
Bertha Georges

Photographer: Dagoreau. France.

Roaring Twenties Keith and Elsie

Private Collection.

Private Collection.

These two are enjoying an outing on a hot day, posing in front of what looks like a Ford car. Keith is wearing white knickerbocker trousers with a matching short sleeved shirt he rolled up further, and Elsie a very pretty flapper style long sleeved dress.

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