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The Peach Embrace

These sepia (but I’ll say peach) tinted real photo postcards are gorgeous, the color is soothing to the eye. The first of two smoking lovers breathes the 20s -pun. I look at it and hear Scott Joplin’s “Easy Winners”.

The second features the same man and the same woman but without her brunette wig (or she put on a blonde one,  whichever). She’s wearing a different dress too, but the ring on her left hand is the same. The male model is wearing a different suit too.

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Hot kissing the blonde

A sizzling hot couple of French postcards showing a brunette man with the slicked back hair kissing on the chest of a gorgeous curly haired blonde girl. On the second one, we see that he’s wearing a military uniform.

What’s interesting is both postcards used the same photo session, yet they are not of the same company. I would very much like to discover who the talented photographer was.

I want to say this could be the same man as on the blue kiss postcard, not sure about the woman.

Roaring Twenties Keith and Elsie

Private Collection.

Private Collection.

These two are enjoying an outing on a hot day, posing in front of what looks like a Ford car. Keith is wearing white knickerbocker trousers with a matching short sleeved shirt he rolled up further, and Elsie a very pretty flapper style long sleeved dress.

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