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Amour, amour!


Amour, amour! Noyer #2759. Private Collection.


The kiss which brings together
Our souls is the sublime
Union – My lips quiver
Of a sweet feeling


Boudoir Tea Time

Tea time. Postcard. Private Collection.

Amag. Tea time in boudoir. Postcard. Private Collection.

I am missing picture 1 and 4 in this German set and I doubt it ends at 5.  I love it for many reasons, some more obvious than others.

Apart from the couple “playing tea time” in sleepwear and embracing (her being all shy to his advances in the second one), I love the setting. The backdrop of the cityscape window and semi-transparent curtains is very nicely painted. It makes me think how much I’d like to see them with my own eyes.

But look into the mirror of the vanity…

Oops! Yes, that’s the photographer’s arm, or his assistant’s! In picture 14/3 you see both hands holding a pole, the flash perhaps? 14/5 looks a bit blurry to the right, but the postcard doesn’t look water damaged. I did find another 14/5 postcard online, this time tinted green and with the crisp right side. I’m posting it here for reference.

Publisher: Amag – Albrecht & Meister, Berlin. Founded in 1865 they were still printing postcards in the 50’s.

The flapper and her lover -series of 5 risqué Biederer postcards

Risque couple RPPC. Private Collection

Kissing her bare back. Postcard. Private Collection

These Jacques Biederer real photo postcards are blank on the back and slightly vary in size from one to the other. There are traces of album scrapbook on the backs. These were highly collectible back in the days, as they are today.

In the following 4 postcards I found online she’s wearing the same thigh high stockings and shoes, and he the same suit and tie:

Apparently these two were a favorite of the photographer. I found them in several series.

Something that took me aback and kind of bothers me…a lot. These postcards go for a mint, however I’m amazed there isn’t a regular Wikipedia entry for this talented photographer (and his brother). It’s a sad fact and should be fixed!

The Purple Kiss

1920s Postcard. Private Collection.

1920s Postcard. Private Collection.

Another tinted French postcard of a beautiful couple kissing. Can’t get enough of these! He’s got a well placed hand too, doesn’t he?

Hot kissing the blonde

A sizzling hot couple of French postcards showing a brunette man with the slicked back hair kissing on the chest of a gorgeous curly haired blonde girl. On the second one, we see that he’s wearing a military uniform.

What’s interesting is both postcards used the same photo session, yet they are not of the same company. I would very much like to discover who the talented photographer was.

I want to say this could be the same man as on the blue kiss postcard, not sure about the woman.

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