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Biederer’s Adam and Eve

Biederer nude couple in field. Private Collection.

Biederer couple in field. Private Collection.

Oh look, I’m posting unclothed people from the 20s or 30s.

This is another postcard by one of the Biederers or both, this time an outdoor shot of a nude woman in the arms of her semi-clothed man. This couple is quite beautiful and I did not censor the postcard. It looks like it was published as it is. I wonder if there is an uncensored version that was also out.

I love the pose, and while this was daring for the time it still could pass for art (and it is).

The flapper and her lover -series of 5 risqué Biederer postcards

Risque couple RPPC. Private Collection

Kissing her bare back. Postcard. Private Collection

These Jacques Biederer real photo postcards are blank on the back and slightly vary in size from one to the other. There are traces of album scrapbook on the backs. These were highly collectible back in the days, as they are today.

In the following 4 postcards I found online she’s wearing the same thigh high stockings and shoes, and he the same suit and tie:

Apparently these two were a favorite of the photographer. I found them in several series.

Something that took me aback and kind of bothers me…a lot. These postcards go for a mint, however I’m amazed there isn’t a regular Wikipedia entry for this talented photographer (and his brother). It’s a sad fact and should be fixed!

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