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Hand tinted portrait of 1930s era boy

Portrait of boy with the tinted cheeks. Private Collection.

4″ x 6″ 1930s portrait of boy with the tinted cheeks. Private Collection.

A beautiful large cabinet photo portrait of a bright looking boy with freckles. This picture came in a large mat protected by flaps. No photographer logo, unfortunately. I was not expecting to see hand tinted cheeks and lips on a portrait from the 30s but apparently it was still a feature photographers offered. His hair cut with the close cropped sides was very popular in his time, along with the pointy collar.

The Purple Kiss

1920s Postcard. Private Collection.

1920s Postcard. Private Collection.

Another tinted French postcard of a beautiful couple kissing. Can’t get enough of these! He’s got a well placed hand too, doesn’t he?

The Peach Embrace

These sepia (but I’ll say peach) tinted real photo postcards are gorgeous, the color is soothing to the eye. The first of two smoking lovers breathes the 20s -pun. I look at it and hear Scott Joplin’s “Easy Winners”.

The second features the same man and the same woman but without her brunette wig (or she put on a blonde one,  whichever). She’s wearing a different dress too, but the ring on her left hand is the same. The male model is wearing a different suit too.

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