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Why not a silk butterfly tie?

RPPC. Private Collection.

Teen with butterfly tie. RPPC. Private Collection.

Here this young man wore a silk tie with butterflies under what appears to be an opal or moonstone tie stack. Also the shirt has a nice front pleat below the low rounded collar. Sometimes I wish I could see these pictures in color. I bet the tie was a nice pop to the overall look.

RPPC: AZO 1904-1918.


Close up

Victorian teen Mc Bracken of Waterloo, Wisconsin

Close-up of cabinet card portrait. Private Collection.

Close-up of cabinet card portrait. Private Collection.

Photogenic teen Mc Bracken with the dark eyes is wearing a mix of patterns with a moon tie stack to bring it all together over the overlapping collar. I give this card a broad window from the 1880s to early 1900s.

The card’s also a rarer shade of pink with dark pink lettering on the front. The back is plain except for the sitter’s written last name.

Pink cabinet card. Private Collection.

W.H Drake cabinet card. Private Collection.

Photographer: W.H. Drake. Waterloo, Wisconsin.

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