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Victorian teen Mc Bracken of Waterloo, Wisconsin

Close-up of cabinet card portrait. Private Collection.

Close-up of cabinet card portrait. Private Collection.

Photogenic teen Mc Bracken with the dark eyes is wearing a mix of patterns with a moon tie stack to bring it all together over the overlapping collar. I give this card a broad window from the 1880s to early 1900s.

The card’s also a rarer shade of pink with dark pink lettering on the front. The back is plain except for the sitter’s written last name.

Pink cabinet card. Private Collection.

W.H Drake cabinet card. Private Collection.

Photographer: W.H. Drake. Waterloo, Wisconsin.

Romance in the Moonlight – series of 4

“Psss…don’t stop with the necklace!” – Private collection.

This man’s got a dangerous look on the postcard above. Must be that creepy little thing on that chair whispering things into his head! :) I didn’t even notice it until I scanned the pictures. Yikes!

If I saw just one of the postcards instead of all four, I’d think an artist painted the backdrop. Instead, this photoshoot looks like it happened by a real seaside under the moonlight. You can see the moon going up the sky, the changing clouds and a few sailboats passing by. The lighting was expertly done, because this really does look like an indoor studio setting…or was it a photographic trick with a film playing behind them, the couple placed behind the projected screen?

Foto Ars was an Italian publishing company.

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