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Edward, Prince of Wales, on a Montreal street. Or is it?


Edward, Prince of Wales photomontage. RPPC. Private Collection.

When I got this photo postcard I was excited about two things; it combines early 20’s men’s fashion with a beautiful street view of Montreal. I had no idea who the man was, although he looked vaguely familiar.

But when I posted it here, Kate of the Photobooth Journal, mentioned his uncanny resemblance to King Edward VIII…Well, yes, it happens to be a photo of King Edward VIII! At least from when he was Prince of Wales, and…it is a photomontage!

The Prince of Wales did spend a few years in Canada in the early 20’s, but he did not pose for this street candid!

Here’s the original of the Prince on a boat. I was shocked, and then I laughed. I got duped by an early 1920’s “photoshop”! They even changed his cane’s position! Still a beautiful, expertly done photograph. I’m impressed.



Source: kingedwardviii.tumblr.com




You can also see the sign for the Allen Theater, once at 698 St. Catherine West (now a less grand Five Guys burger joint). The Allen was bought and renamed The Palace in 1922. St. Catherine West was a hub of movie-going and nighttime entertainment.

Restored image © Caroline E. Ryan

RPPC: AZO squares 1926-1940s. (Data from Playle.com, but this shows AZO squares were available in 1923)

5th Ave. Evelyn and George Steele on Easter Sunday 1933

ACME press photo. Private Collection.

Easter Sunday 1933 Evelyn and George Steele on 5th Ave. ACME press photo. Private Collection.

A gorgeous 7″ by 9″ original press photo of a dashing New York Society couple dressed to the nines on 5th Avenue. Everything about this picture is breathtaking; the large orchids on her lapel, the gent’s crisp evening suit complete with top hat and white gloves, the (Ford?) car to the left, the gothic iron gates, and the smiles! They were head turners, some men in the background watching them strutting away (watching *her* strutting away). These two look as if they were laughing half embarrassed, half flattered a reporter chose to take their picture. It looks like it had rained too. A beautiful moment captured on a photograph.

The Steeles close-up.

The Steeles close-up.

The back talks of an annual Easter Sunday ‘promenade’ on 5th Avenue. People would dress up and parade on the street. What a sight this must have been!

Back of press photo.

Back of press photo.

Catwalk on Main Street USA

RPPC. Private Collection.

1940s gentleman walking in a three-piece suit and fedora. RPPC. Private Collection.

A WWII era gentleman on Main St. U.S.A strutting his stuff hand in pocket, the other holding a cigarette. I love the white shoes to match the fedora, even though on this picture they’re blending into the sunlit ground.  The three-piece suit with the fitted waist and loose pants gave this man the very classic business-like and sharp look of the decade.

The store behind the man is Kress (S.H. Kress & Co.), a popular American “five and dime” department store chain which operated from 1896 to 1981.

RPPC: AGFA/ANSCO 1930s-1940s

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