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Shaking big brother’s hand on Easter 1937

RPPC. Private Collection.

Easter 1937. RPPC. Private Collection.

A cute RPPC of a little boy shaking his older brother’s hand on Easter day of 1937. The pose is unusual, with the steps as a prop, but it is a fun concept.

RPPC: AZO squares 1926-1940s

The Pink Smooch

1930s French postcard. Private Collection.

1930s French postcard. Private Collection.

This beautiful woman has the Vivien Leigh looks and style. The uniformed man is posing like he’s going to kiss her cheek, and there is something like a white flower branch hanging above their heads. By all accounts a very pretty romance postcard.

The Art Deco Cabinet Card

1930s cabinet card.

1920s-30s cabinet card of gentleman after the rain. Private Collection.

I love stumbling upon photographs like this. This cabinet card was made around a couple of decades after they ceased being produced. Perhaps it was a novelty photograph, or some photographers still offered them to whomever wished to have a “retro” portrait of themselves. There is no photographer info, unfortunately, but instead we have “cabinet portrait” surrounded by a gorgeous mirrored art deco design.

And the fact that this portrait was taken outside in a yard right after a rain. Those photographs always have a special glow to them.

1930’s Mr. Beautiful in three-quarter

1930's photobooth. Private Collection.

1930’s photobooth of handsome young man. Private Collection.

In a white dress shirt, he’s posing in three-quarter. I love the simplicity of this shot with a plain background and a plain shirt too. The subject’s beauty is the star of this photobooth.

5th Ave. Evelyn and George Steele on Easter Sunday 1933

ACME press photo. Private Collection.

Easter Sunday 1933 Evelyn and George Steele on 5th Ave. ACME press photo. Private Collection.

A gorgeous 7″ by 9″ original press photo of a dashing New York Society couple dressed to the nines on 5th Avenue. Everything about this picture is breathtaking; the large orchids on her lapel, the gent’s crisp evening suit complete with top hat and white gloves, the (Ford?) car to the left, the gothic iron gates, and the smiles! They were head turners, some men in the background watching them strutting away (watching *her* strutting away). These two look as if they were laughing half embarrassed, half flattered a reporter chose to take their picture. It looks like it had rained too. A beautiful moment captured on a photograph.

The Steeles close-up.

The Steeles close-up.

The back talks of an annual Easter Sunday ‘promenade’ on 5th Avenue. People would dress up and parade on the street. What a sight this must have been!

Back of press photo.

Back of press photo.

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