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I found him again, with chicks


PC Paris #2963. Young man with chicks. RPPC. Private Collection.

That was way too easy. :)

Do you remember when I posted the beautiful couple on the bicycle? That was last September. I hoped to stumble upon this 1920’s postcard model again, but I did not hold my breath. So when I spotted him after eight months of casually scouring seller stocks, I was thrilled to finally add another one of his cards to this collection. Unlike some others he is near impossible to find. Unfortunately, there is no information about postcard models of the period. I would have liked to find out who he was.

While I understand the models who posed for the more risqué cards had to hide their identity and are now essentially uncredited, I don’t see why there is absolutely no information about the models who posed for tamer photoshoots. Frustrating!

This was of course an Easter postcard (I edited out the French greeting for this blog).

Shaking big brother’s hand on Easter 1937

RPPC. Private Collection.

Easter 1937. RPPC. Private Collection.

A cute RPPC of a little boy shaking his older brother’s hand on Easter day of 1937. The pose is unusual, with the steps as a prop, but it is a fun concept.

RPPC: AZO squares 1926-1940s

5th Ave. Evelyn and George Steele on Easter Sunday 1933

ACME press photo. Private Collection.

Easter Sunday 1933 Evelyn and George Steele on 5th Ave. ACME press photo. Private Collection.

A gorgeous 7″ by 9″ original press photo of a dashing New York Society couple dressed to the nines on 5th Avenue. Everything about this picture is breathtaking; the large orchids on her lapel, the gent’s crisp evening suit complete with top hat and white gloves, the (Ford?) car to the left, the gothic iron gates, and the smiles! They were head turners, some men in the background watching them strutting away (watching *her* strutting away). These two look as if they were laughing half embarrassed, half flattered a reporter chose to take their picture. It looks like it had rained too. A beautiful moment captured on a photograph.

The Steeles close-up.

The Steeles close-up.

The back talks of an annual Easter Sunday ‘promenade’ on 5th Avenue. People would dress up and parade on the street. What a sight this must have been!

Back of press photo.

Back of press photo.

Happy Easter!

Easter morning 1903 -New York. St. Patrick Cathedral. Click for full size.

Easter morning 1903 -New York. St. Patrick Cathedral. Click for full size.

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