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I found him again, with chicks


PC Paris #2963. Young man with chicks. RPPC. Private Collection.

That was way too easy. :)

Do you remember when I posted the beautiful couple on the bicycle? That was last September. I hoped to stumble upon this 1920’s postcard model again, but I did not hold my breath. So when I spotted him after eight months of casually scouring seller stocks, I was thrilled to finally add another one of his cards to this collection. Unlike some others he is near impossible to find. Unfortunately, there is no information about postcard models of the period. I would have liked to find out who he was.

While I understand the models who posed for the more risqué cards had to hide their identity and are now essentially uncredited, I don’t see why there is absolutely no information about the models who posed for tamer photoshoots. Frustrating!

This was of course an Easter postcard (I edited out the French greeting for this blog).

Are you a doll too?

PC Paris #1925. Postcard. Private Collection.

PC Paris #1925. Postcard. Private Collection.

What an interesting French romance postcard! The man is the same as on these two postcards, but I’m not sure about the woman. Between them is a porcelain doll she is using to touch the man’s neck. The doll itself is giving her a side glance!


This is the first time I see a doll prop on these, and I absolutely love how the photographer used it! It’s a bit surreal, almost as if the doll is alive too.


(My thoughts today are with my family and friends in Paris and France. These are uncertain times, and my heart breaks for my country.)

Sigh in Sepia

Sepia Embrace. PC Paris. Postcard. Private Collection.

Sepia Embrace. PC Paris. Postcard. Private Collection.

Another beautiful French postcard. Here the woman is leaning above her admirer with drama. To me her gesture reminds me so much of the stereotypical way women acted in silent films.

I have what I think may be the same couple on another. He’s wearing the same shirt too.

Toward You

Vers Toi postcard. Private Collection.

Vers Toi postcard. Private Collection.

A beautiful pink postcard of a (very young) French soldier reaching up to his beloved. This one was unposted.

Toward you, I always turn to like I turn to the sun

Of which bright rays, warm us the same.

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