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The Art Deco Cabinet Card

1930s cabinet card.

1920s-30s cabinet card of gentleman after the rain. Private Collection.

I love stumbling upon photographs like this. This cabinet card was made around a couple of decades after they ceased being produced. Perhaps it was a novelty photograph, or some photographers still offered them to whomever wished to have a “retro” portrait of themselves. There is no photographer info, unfortunately, but instead we have “cabinet portrait” surrounded by a gorgeous mirrored art deco design.

And the fact that this portrait was taken outside in a yard right after a rain. Those photographs always have a special glow to them.

Just what is going on?


A very unique tintype which went for gold. A crazy pose, handsome sitters. Can’t win them all.

Victorian Man in Drag

1860s-1870s Man in drag. Personal Collection.

1870s-1880s Man in drag. Private Collection.

I got hold of this unique tintype by pure luck…Those are very rare as you can imagine. No bowler or high collar on this cross-dresser but a huge bowtie over a fur coat, a woman’s hat with side gemstones and a confident smile. An amazing find.

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