Victorian Man in Drag

1860s-1870s Man in drag. Personal Collection.

1870s-1880s Man in drag. Private Collection.

I got hold of this unique tintype by pure luck…Those are very rare as you can imagine. No bowler or high collar on this cross-dresser but a huge bowtie over a fur coat, a woman’s hat with side gemstones and a confident smile. An amazing find.


10 responses to “Victorian Man in Drag

  • summertime75

    It wasn’t uncommon for men to dress and gain employment as maids to avoid military service


  • summertime75

    The blog with the maids is a general mix of naughty and social history.

    I know what you mean about the second picture, odd “lady.” The starched collar in the first is nice, I believe that some maids had an enameled collar stud, if they could afford it, I found one a couple of years ago which is rather nice.

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  • Mike Andberg

    Dear Bowlers and High Collars,
    (love the name)
    Your tintype image is hysterical. I see you’re into it. Perhaps it was tintypeness that attracted you to my post “Gas Stations” with the five attendants lavishing attention on the ’39 automobile gassing up. Or was it something else I missed? (the guys were in drag; one was a tintype junkie; another let his high collar down). Just wondering, and hope to hear back from you and to read more from your “Bowlers” posts.
    Mike Andberg

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    • bowlersandhighcollars

      Thank you, Mike, for your nice feedback. I love every type of old (usually American) classic photos! I loved the picture of the gas attendants you have on your blog. I didn’t notice anyone cross-dressed! I’ll have to revisit it. I do like to collect victorian and edwardian photos of men in drag. I don’t have
      many but the ones I find are always interesting. Make yourself at home ;) I need to make this short tonight but I’m always up for talking old photos. Nice to meet you.

      Caroline Ryan


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