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Mr. I Look Quite All right in a Fedora

Cabinet photo. Private Collection.

Cabinet photo. Private Collection.

This stylish 1930s-40s gentleman with the piercing stare must have left a long trail of admirers in his path. And that is why he’s in my collection. He’d look good without the fedora on, but the hat adds that something extra.

My first star crush was Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. I’ve been appreciative of the hat ever since. ;)

Photographer: Benjamin. La Moure. North Dakota.

Nice photobooth

1940s Photobooth

1940s Photobooth

A cute photobooth found on eBay of a young man with the tilted fedora.

New Orleans ‘brother Jo, sister Emilie and Louis’

RPPC. Private Collection.

RPPC. Private Collection.

A trio from my hometown! Louis is wearing a King Cake baby on the lapel of his coat and holding a music sheet, Emilie is cross-dressed in boy attire with her jaunty cap on. Jo is the cornetist…What an interesting trio, all IDed on the back of this RPPC.

Emilie has this soulful look in her eyes, and each one of them is wearing a different hat. Another photo which makes me smile. Can you hear the music?

RPPC: AZO 4 up triangles. Photo taken between 1907-1914.

Swagger in the sun

1935 Snapshot. Private Collection.

1935 snapshot. Private Collection.

This one packs much style for a tiny photo that is only 1″ 1/2 x 2″.

This dashing gentleman is standing in the sun with his hands in the back, a white fedora hat with the black band tilted on his own tilted head. Match this with a randomly dotted tie and dark suit with the white pocket handkerchief.

On the back is a first name: Julia. His sweetheart? It looks like the man’s on a boat by a dock.

‘He never knew’

1930s candid snapshot. Private Collection.

1930s candid snapshot. Private Collection.

What did this gentleman in fedora not know? How well the camera likes him? He seemed to know as much. Perhaps he didn’t know how well a lady liked him. ;)

Smoking in a fedora



A candid photo I’ve seen and digitally fixed up a bit. What’s more stereotypical of the 30s than a man in a fedora smoking a cigarette?

Gangster Swagger

1920s Betty & “Kurlie” in front of tavern. Private Collection.

The note on the back says Aunt Betty / ‘Kurlie’ Buair. 1920’s

“Kurlie” with the cigar and flashy smile under the homburg was dressed to the nines!

CLick for larger picture.

Click for larger picture.

The Free Lunch sign tells us these two were in front of (what used to be) a tavern. Since prohibition started January 16, 1920 this either was taken across the Canadian border or they were in the U.S, the sign is outdated and this is now a speakeasy!

Betty is simply dressed and seems a little nervous and camera shy checking out the street! By contrast “Kurlie” the peacock is all too eager to show off for the camera! Oh, and the spats! I’ll bet a whole American dollar this one was a character.

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