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Jack Kingston with the scarred cheek

Jack Kingston. Photobooth. Private Collection.

Jack Kingston. Photobooth. Private Collection.

This one must have hurt! But instead of taking away, a scar sometimes adds to the charm. Mr. Kingston has this twinkle in his eyes, and the looks of a crooner. Sing a song and watch them swoon!

Jack Kingston. Taken in Salina, Kansas. Jan. 11- 1939

Holding hands at T. Hugh Miller Custom Tailoring

T. Hugh Miller Custom Tailoring. RPPC. Private Collection.

T. Hugh Miller Agent Custom Tailoring for Klee & Co. N.Y City. RPPC. Private Collection.

Tailors and salesmen in front of their place of business with the stylish Art Nouveau sign. We have a bowler, fedora, pork pie, all sorts of caps, two white neck scarves, bowties, ties…There’s a little of everything here, as it should be!

And four of them are holding hands. Gents holding hands didn’t necessarily mean they were gay, just close buddies not afraid to show affection toward each other. This was taken in the mid 1910s.

RPPC: AZO 1904-1018

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Mr. I Look Quite All right in a Fedora

Cabinet photo. Private Collection.

Cabinet photo. Private Collection.

This stylish 1930s-40s gentleman with the piercing stare must have left a long trail of admirers in his path. And that is why he’s in my collection. He’d look good without the fedora on, but the hat adds that something extra.

My first star crush was Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. I’ve been appreciative of the hat ever since. ;)

Photographer: Benjamin. La Moure. North Dakota.

Nice photobooth

1940s Photobooth

1940s Photobooth

A cute photobooth found on eBay of a young man with the tilted fedora.

New Orleans ‘brother Jo, sister Emilie and Louis’

RPPC. Private Collection.

RPPC. Private Collection.

A trio from my hometown! Louis is wearing a King Cake baby on the lapel of his coat and holding a music sheet, Emilie is cross-dressed in boy attire with her jaunty cap on. Jo is the cornetist…What an interesting trio, all IDed on the back of this RPPC.

Emilie has this soulful look in her eyes, and each one of them is wearing a different hat. Another photo which makes me smile. Can you hear the music?

RPPC: AZO 4 up triangles. Photo taken between 1907-1914.

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