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Cap and Bowtie


1920s-30s studio portrait. Private Collection.

This picture is photobooth size, and what a lovely portrait of this gentleman with the cap. This charming fella looks to be Italian too, and a blue collar for certain. He comes off  as the friendly, hard working father of a fast growing family. :)

Photographer: Stamped on back – THE LITTLE PICTURE SHOP (how cute of a name is that??) 80 Kansas Avenue. Topeka – Kansas.

Three 1920s studio portraits of adorable Cecil Brown from Topeka, Kansas

You know ‘Freckles’ had to be his nickname, that or ‘Ginger’ ;). This is a cute trio of portraits from the 1920s of young Cecil Brown from Topeka, Kansas. Cecil is not the usual type you’ll find in my collection but I could not resist his portraits. There’s something so loveable about him! He makes me want to smile, and my followers know just how much I love people smiling and laughing on pictures! These portraits taken at different times give off the feeling Cecil was generally of nice temperament.

The first is Cecil in his cap and bowtie, with his signature on the side. On the second he’s laughing, and on the last one he looks a tad older but this could just be my impression. He still has a smile on his face. The town and state are written down on the back of the first one.

These are photobooth size studio portraits. I believe them to be late 20s, early 30s.

Jack Kingston with the scarred cheek

Jack Kingston. Photobooth. Private Collection.

Jack Kingston. Photobooth. Private Collection.

This one must have hurt! But instead of taking away, a scar sometimes adds to the charm. Mr. Kingston has this twinkle in his eyes, and the looks of a crooner. Sing a song and watch them swoon!

Jack Kingston. Taken in Salina, Kansas. Jan. 11- 1939

Leo Hahn with Miss Baker and Miss K.

RPPC. Private Collection.

Leo Hahn with Miss Baker and Miss K. RPPC. Private Collection.

Leo with two lady friends IDed on the back. This photo was taken on the 9th or March 1910.

The dark dresses busily contrast so well with the young man’s sober suit. Miss Baker’s wearing a beautifully embroidered dress with a matching filigree necklace, and Miss K is wearing a square flap collar dress that seems to be sheer by the neck. Oh, and the big frou-frou hats with the fluffy feathers, a proper lady’s outfit isn’t complete without one of those!

I wonder if these women were dressed in mourning.

Leonard Hahn was from Montgomery, Kansas and was 25 years old when this photo was taken.

Back of RPPC after the cut.

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